News // December 15, 2022

Written by Spyropoulos Alicia

10 Ways Dual Roller Blinds Enhance Everyday Living

Roller blinds are a great window furnishing solution that offer a variety of benefits, ultimately enhancing everyday living for home inhabitants. They are available in screen, translucent or blockout, which all offer various benefits to the home. 

Light-filtering blinds provide privacy as they are not see-through, but also offer a light and airy feel to the home by allowing a soft filtered light into the room. These blinds allow you to experience daylight without the discomfort of direct sun. 

Screen blinds provide privacy with one-way vision that allows you to maintain a view of the outside during the day while neighbours or passers-by cannot see into the home. At night, however, this switches so that you cannot see out but others can see in. For this reason, these blinds are most popularly paired with blockout blinds, which offer complete privacy and light blockage at night. 

Double roller blinds generally involve light-filtering or screen blinds paired with blockout blinds. This pairing has a wonderful impact on a home, covering all bases in terms of privacy, light control and general convenience within the home to lift comfort and contentment daily. See the 10 ways that dual roller blinds enhance everyday living below. 

1. Privacy

Privacy is extremely important in our everyday lives, and is a fundamental human right according to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner. It’s crucial that we can go about our day and relax without the fear that we are being watched or witnessed, and feel safe and comfortable in our space. 

These window blinds allow us to do just that, ensuring the home acts as a sanctuary where we can take refuge from the outside world and control when we are visible in the day or the night. 

2. Complete lighting control

Lighting has a large impact on the feel of a space, with biological and physical influence that can affect our overall health and wellbeing. Good lighting has great influence over your mood, as every light source produces a reaction from the body in some way. 

The pairing of blinds offers complete control over natural lighting within the home, so you are able to curate the ideal in-home environment at any time to suit your mood. 

3. Better sleep 

Lighting control also has a great impact on our circadian rhythm, and therefore our quality of sleep. Blockout blinds allow us to enjoy the dark environment that is necessary for the production of melatonin at night. Day blinds then allow us to maintain privacy while admitting natural lighting that makes us feel awake during the daytime. 

4. UV protection

Screen blinds offer UV protection that allows you to enjoy all the benefits of healthy sunlight while remaining sheltered against the damaging UV rays. This also provides defence against UV for furniture or other objects in the home that become worn and faded over time with exposure to UV rays. 

5. Added aesthetic appeal

Available in a range of colours, roller blinds are tailor-made to suit any window frame and complement your home. This window furnishing option will ultimately add aesthetic appeal and style along with practicality. 

View the popular colour options available at Security Plus when browsing our information on roller blinds online. 

6. Maintain a view 

This window covering ensures that privacy and shelter is provided while maintaining a view of the outside, so you can continue to enjoy your lovely garden and observe nature, see the city skyline or appreciate looking out at the neighbourhood. 

7. Optimal TV viewing

Control of lighting also means you are able to curate the perfect cinema-like environment for TV viewing and movie nights in. Avoid glare and enjoy even the darkest TV shows and movies while being able to see all the details. 

8. Easy operation

These window blinds elevate the everyday experience with ease of operation. They are constructed to be as smooth-operating as possible, and with very little maintenance necessary. For added convenience opt for motorisation that can be controlled remotely. 

9. Affordable window furnishing option

Along with the benefits listed here, these blinds are also extremely affordable. They are the best choice for a cost-effective method of lifting the home. 

10. After-sale service with Security Plus

Enjoy added peace of mind with the after-sale service offered by Security Plus. All clients can contact the company for easy repairs and maintenance when necessary, with an expert team that is equipped to make any repairs or conduct other services if required. 

Security Plus Shutters, Doors & Blinds is an industry leading company that has been providing Australian homes with high-quality, customised blinds since 1992. Contact us today to arrange a consultation and receive expert advice on how to elevate your property for everyday enjoyment.

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