Warranty Info

Plantation Shutters

Security Plus warrants its internal plantation shutters for five (5) years, and internal plantation shutter moveable components for a period of one (1) year. This warranty is against any defects in material or workmanship and is in addition to any other obligations imposed by law. Warranty comes into effect only when full payment of order is received.

This warranty does not include freight and installation costs.

To comply with the “Terms and Conditions of Warranty” the completed warranty and original invoice is required by the customer. By placing an order with Securyty Plus you are accepting the Terms and Conditions set out in this warranty policy.

This warranty does not cover:

  • Abuse or misuse
  • Everyday wear and tear
  • Overexposure to moisture
  • Maintenance and care not in accordance with the recommendations listed below
  • Damage to premises
  • Use of silicon and chemical based sprays

Improper, inappropriate or unauthorised replacement parts, repairs or maintenance voids this warranty. Due to manufacturing, natural variations in colour, grain and texture in these products, Security Plus is not able to guarantee exact matches to samples, nor are they able to guarantee exact matches on subsequent orders or warranty replacements.


We suggest regular dusting of the shutters with a dusting wand or vacuum with a brush attachment and, when required, wipe down with a damp cloth. Do not use chemical-based cleaning products to clean the shutters.


7-Year Warranty

Aluminium frames and door structure.

5-Year Warranty

All stainless steel screens and cast aluminium grilles. Steel grilles and steel doors with extra rust protection.

2-Year Warranty

Rust free steel doors without extra rust protection.

1-Year Warranty

On all moveable parts, locks, DVA mesh and door closers.

1-Year Installation Warranty

Any installation issues will be fully covered by Security Plus for 12 months after the installation date. This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the defective materials and components. Repairs will be made with like or similar parts.

Aftercare Instructions

Security Plus recommends that all surfaces be kept clean by prompt removal of all dust, dirt, grime and any foreign matter using clean water and a small amount of mild detergent. Do not under any circumstances use any abrasive type cleaning agent (Ajax or similar) or cleaning material (such as steel wool) as it will damage the anodised or powder coated surface. Thoroughly wash off any detergent residue with clean water. Regular cleaning will keep your door looking like new!

Not Covered

This warranty excludes any of the following occurring more than 14 days after installation:

  • Locks coming out of line (this mostly occurs in new homes)
  • Door jambs that expand or shrink de to weather conditions.

Any of the following occurring more than 7 days after installation:

  • Holes or tears in flyscreen mesh
  • Holes or tears in mesh or sagging of fly, tuff mesh doors
  • Dents, holes in mesh or mesh coming out of frames in DVA fly doors
  • Scratches on aluminium door frames or handles
  • Adjustment of door closers
  • Goods that have not yet been paid in full
  • Any condition or damage relating to, or resulting from, accidents and alterations
  • Discolouration or fading over time, misuse, abuse, normal wear and tear, removal and/or reinstallation, force majeure including, without limitation, storm, fire, floods, standing water, explosions, earthquakes, vandalism, riots, acts of war, pollutants or other occurrences beyond the control of SP
  • Installations subject to salt spray or marine influences, severe industrial or corrosive environments or internal situations subject to moisture-laden air
  • The general warranty does not apply to any damage due to failure of owners to follow maintenance procedures, alteration of the product in any way, fire abuse, misuse and normal wear and tear

No Extension to Warranty Period

Repairs carried out, or replacement provided, under this warranty do not extend the relevant warranty period, and do not initiate a new warranty period. The warranty period for any replacement parts or new goods installed will end together with the initial warranty.


This warranty shall be interpreted and applied subject to the operation of any statute applicable in Australia, the terms of which cannot be excluded by the parties, including (if applicable) relevant provisions of the Trade Practices Amendment (Australian Consumer Law) Act (No.1) 2010 and similar State legislation. The exception of the matters outlined in this document, all other implied terms, warranties, conditions and consequences are excluded.

Warranty Claims

Warranty claims must be made as soon as possible after the discovery of the defect and, in any event, within the warranty period. Warranty claims must be accompanied by proof of payment of the full purchase price by the original purchaser. With the exception of the matters outlined in this document, all other implied terms, warranties, conditions and consequences are excluded.