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10 Ways to Add Comfort to Your Sydney Home

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Your home should be a cosy sanctuary that you can relax and unwind in when you return to it after a long day. Especially if you work from home, study from home or are a stay-at-home parent, you should be able to feel comfy and secure in this space where you spend so much of your time. 

From the installation of security shutters to accessorising with comfy rugs and pillows, find out how to create the perfect, cosy home environment. 

The importance of being comfortable at home

According to the Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association, your environment has a large impact on your mental health. Feeling comfortable and safe in your living space reduces stress and aids with your overall well-being. 

10 Ways To Add Comfort To Your Sydney Home

To experience better physical and mental health and enjoy your home environment, see these 10 ways to add comfort. 

1. Install window roller shutters 

To experience all-round comfort, shutters in Sydney homes are a great addition for the comfort of insulation to maintain temperature, privacy as well as added security for peace of mind. Noise reduction qualities also mean you will experience less daily interruption and can truly enjoy your space. 

2. Add comfy furniture 

Lounge-friendly furniture that can be comfortable for hours is a must. A plush sofa, a cosy armchair and a comfortable bed will help you to truly feel at home. Invest in well-made, quality furniture that is made to last so you don’t need to worry about replacing or repairing them any time soon. 

3. Accessorise 

Adding pillows, blankets, soft rugs and high quality bed linen will also add to your overall comfort in your home. It’s important that these accessories are also pleasing for you to look at. Certain colours such as green have been proven to evoke a sense of peace, if choosing items in this colour appeal to you. 

4. Get some plants & greenery

Live plants and greenery around the home are also proven to improve your mental health. As The Sydney Morning Herald explains,  there is a global positive association between nature and happiness. When we are told to picture our happy place, often it is a natural landscape like a forest, a space in the mountains or by the ocean. Plants around the home have similar calming impacts.

5. Natural light

Natural light creates a much more homey, open and inviting space. By installing larger windows, a skylight or a sunroom you can create more opportunity for natural sunlight to enter the home. If you would like to control the light entering the home, window furnishings such as curtains, blinds or plantation shutters can also lift the space. 

6. Upgrade security 

Feeling secure in your home is important. If you don’t feel comfortable with the level of security you have at the moment, it is a good idea to upgrade by adding shutters or a new front security door. The addition of an alarm system or cameras is also a good idea to ward off intruders. 

7. Increase insulation

Insulation helps to maintain your in-home temperature to keep it comfortable for you without intervention for as long as possible. While shutters enhance insulation over windows, sealing any areas that allow a draft into the home is also useful. 

8. Add airflow 

Airflow through the home helps to refresh the space and reduce any strange odours or clear out dust. Screen doors are an excellent option to allow airflow while continuing to keep out any insects or unwanted guests. 

9. Upgrade heating and cooling 

If you find you can’t maintain a comfortable temperature in the home, it might be time to upgrade your heating and cooling system. It’s a good idea to find an option that optimises energy savings. In conjunction with good insulation, keeping the home at a comfortable temperature for you should be easy. 

10. Foster a friendly and supportive environment 

Along with any physical in-home elements, the most important part of a comfortable, relaxed home environment is good, supportive relationships among all living there. If it’s within your power to model kindness, empathy, support and connection, all home inhabitants will be as comfortable as possible in this emotionally safe environment. 

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