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Written by Spyropoulos Alicia

10 Ways to Make Your Home Ideal for Entertaining

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If you are known as the Gatsby of your social circle and have a passion for hosting events, you may want to make sure your home is built to make your events as impressive as possible and make sure you have the best setup for guests to enjoy themselves.  

From adding a bar space to installing outdoor blinds, here are some ways to spruce up your property to create the ideal space for entertainment. 

1. Open up the space

The first step to creating a home that’s ideal for entertaining is to create an open space that is able to comfortably accommodate a group of people. This will make the home inviting and easy to navigate, allowing guests to mingle freely. 

This can be achieved by removing any impermanent dividers and reconfiguring furniture to the perimeters of rooms for more capacity to move around in the middle of the space. 

2. Area for belongings 

When a guest first enters the home, the first thing they will ask is likely to be, “Where can I put my things?”. Having a clearly set out area near the entrance for bags, hats or coats is a good idea to make arriving and getting settled in a smooth process. 

3. Create comfort

Making sure your guests are comfortable is also key to an enjoyable event. You should be sure to have not only enough seats for everyone but also cosy seating that friends and family are able to relax and conveniently socialise in for long periods of time. 

Be mindful of any awkward seating arrangements such as people that may be positioned in a walkway and constantly needing to move so that others can get through. 

4. Lighting

This is one of the easiest ways to transform the mood of a space. Depending on the type of event you’re hosting, pick from disco lights or candles to curate the ideal atmosphere. Dimmer switches are a good idea for versatile lighting that can suit a range of events. 

Roller blinds and other window treatments such as plantation shutters are also a great way to control lighting and privacy in any room. 

5. Quality tableware 

Quality dinnerware or glassware can really lift any occasion and enhance the experience for your guests. Invest in a set that can be used for both formal or casual gatherings, as well as fun serving platters, bowls or jugs to improve the experience of serving food and drinks. 

6. Kitchen island

A kitchen island is not only the perfect area to utilise for food preparation, but can double as a buffet table to display all the food you’re serving on an easily accessible platform. If you’re in need of extra table space, guests can also potentially sit around the island to dine. 

7. Add a bar space

A designated area to serve drinks or snacks is a great idea for clarity and functionality, as well as a way of encouraging guests to mingle. Stock the area with a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to suit the different tastes of attendees. 

8. Area for activities

Whether you’re planning on playing board games, getting into some karaoke or having a movie night in an impromptu home cinema setup, a separate space for activities and entertainment is a good idea. This can be an entire room dedicated to activities or an easily transformable living room or otherwise for flexibility. 

9. Outdoor blinds

Creating a comfortable and sheltered outdoor space is also recommended if you are hosting regularly. Blinds are just the thing to ensure you can make use of your outdoor living area no matter the weather, with protection from rain, wind, dust, insects and UV that allows you to enjoy the fresh air and the backyard in peace. 

10. Guest bed/bedroom

If any guests are travelling a long distance and may need to stay over to break up the journey home, or if someone may just prefer to stay the night, having clean bedding and a spare bed set up can be very handy. If you can’t dedicate a whole bedroom or bed, you could look at purchasing a pull-out couch bed or a good quality air mattress. 

Get guest-ready with Security Plus 

Indoor and outdoor shutters and blinds can really assist in transforming a space and allowing versatility for both everyday living and entertaining. 

At Security Plus Shutters & Blinds, we are dedicated to offering high quality, custom-made window treatments to homes in Melbourne and Sydney. Contact us to arrange a free consultation.

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