News // November 15, 2022

Written by Spyropoulos Alicia

8 Ways to Add Privacy to Your Home

In Australia, we are lucky to have a culture where we live in good-sized houses with backyards, unlike some cities where small apartments and condensed living are the go. We are also very kind and trusting people, but it is always important to feel safe in our lovely houses and able to enjoy our space with the knowledge that there are no prying eyes. 

More space to live means more space to defend, and more that we could be doing to feel safe while occupying it. 

Why is privacy important?

Privacy is a fundamental right that includes the right to be free from interference, to associate freely with who we want and to control what information about ourselves is visible, explains the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

Especially within the home, we should be able to relax and go about our day trusting that we are not being watched or witnessed. This helps us to feel safe and comfortable with the knowledge that your space is a sanctuary and a place we can take refuge from the outside world. 

How to add privacy to your home

There are many things that can assist in creating your ideal, private sanctuary. Here are 8 ways to increase privacy in your Australian home: 

1. Build a fence

A high fence is a great way to preserve your home from nosy neighbours, making it more difficult to see into your home from eye-level. The addition of a fence will also make it harder to physically enter your property from the borders.

2. Plants and hedges

While also being an aesthetically pleasing choice, tall trees or hedges are a great way to transform property borders and work to a greater feeling of confidentiality and safety. You can either begin to grow these from the ground, replanting already-grown plants or even using hanging pots to block higher areas. 

3. Blinds or curtains

Blinds or curtains are a great way to block the most common point of the house that neighbours and passers-by can look in through; the window. Gain control over when they are covered or uncovered with easy operation mechanisms and opt for a variety of styles and colours that add aesthetic appeal to your home. 

Security Plus indoor blinds, in particular, are a great choice for style and functionality. You can select from blockout blinds that completely block vision and light, or translucent or screen blinds add a layer of privacy while maintaining daylight and a view of the outside. Pairing a screen blinds with a blockout blind is the perfect solution for privacy and peace of mind all day long. 

4. Timber or PVC shutters

As another great window covering in the home, plantation shutters are a sturdy addition to any window frame. They are generally customisable and made-to-fit, meaning they can be placed over just about any window. 

Security Plus plantation shutters are available in a range of sizes and designs, depending on the level of coverage and the style that appeals to you. Each louvre is reinforced with an aluminium core through its centre for extra immunity. 

They are available in timber or PVC plantation shutters. PVC shutters are the best choice for areas with more moisture such as the kitchen or bathroom, while timber shutters are a durable option for most other rooms. 

5. Alfresco blinds

For confidentiality in your outdoor space, outdoor blinds are an excellent way to create a concealed area to enjoy fresh air and healthy sunlight in peace. Whether you would like to spend time outdoors on your own, with other people you live with or with guests, enjoy time outdoors with the knowledge that no one is looking on. 

Security Plus sunscreen mesh blinds are a great option for outdoor concealment, providing privacy during the day while also blocking 99% of damaging UV rays and blocking wind and rain. 

6. Security screens

A security door or screen is an excellent option for additional concealment over doors to the home. With safety doors, gain the freedom to leave your doors completely open while trusting that no one can look into the home or enter it. 

Security Plus security doors are available in hinged, sliding or stacker doors for whatever your needs, with multiple options for colour and style. 

7. Roller shutters

Roller shutters are another great option to cover windows and doors, completely blocking vision when desired and able to be fully opened at other times. Security Plus roller shutters are smooth-operating and affordable, and a sure way to prevent prying eyes. 

8. Smart glass

Smart privacy glass uses technology to control visible light, UV or IR. They allow transparent glass to switch when desired from clear to completely opaque. With smart glass, no additional window coverings may even be necessary for the effect of secrecy.  

Create a safer space with Security Plus

Security Plus Shutters, Doors & Blinds has been providing peace of mind to Australian homes with high quality security products since 1992. We are here to help you make lasting changes to transform your property and offer comfort for the long-term. 

Contact our friendly team to book a free consultation and see what options may best suit your home. 

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