News // April 26, 2022

Written by Spyropoulos Alicia

Are Roller Shutters Useful For Keeping Your Home Cool In Summer?

Summer is fast approaching and with the beach days and sunshine also comes the inescapable heat. While there are some ways to help deal with the warm weather at home, the insulation offered by aluminium roller shutters is second to none, and here’s why.

Prevention of heat transfer through windows

In the warmer season, air conditioning and fans are constantly blasting to maintain a comfortable temperature in the house. While this is definitely a way to cool down the house, once these are turned off, due to the heat transfer through windows, the house will still warm up again quickly.

Almost ten times more heat enters the home through windows than any other surface. Aluminium roller shutters are fitted neatly to windows and are designed to prevent the transfer of heat through them.

Roller shutters contain polyurethane foam, which is also used in freezers, and prevents heat transfer by up to 90%, keeping the cold air in when you need it.

Shutters save energy

A lot of energy and money on electricity bills becomes wasted when air conditioning always needs to stay on for you to be comfortable. With roller shutters, maintain a cool temperature after the air con has been switched off and save on energy and bills.

Security Plus Shutters, Doors & Blinds are industry leaders and experts in providing quality security shutters to Australian homes. With a range of styles and colours, you are sure to find the perfect shutters to enhance the look of your home while maintaining your ideal temperature.

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