News // February 17, 2023

Written by Spyropoulos Alicia

Home Furnishing Essentials: Retractable Screens for Sliding Glass Doors

Retractable Screens

Glass doors are an excellent feature in the home. They create an open feel that allows lots of light into the home while maintaining the practicality of an entrance. These sliding doors, while creating openness and letting in natural light that enhances the in-home atmosphere, also leave some gaps that may need filling. 

With these transparent doors comes more ability for others to see into the home, and loss of privacy. With big, wide openings there is also the concern that insects and pests can get in when these are open, so it is difficult to allow airflow into the home. Exposed glass can be a vulnerable entry point for home intruders, and easily become damaged if hit with extreme weather or debris. 

For glass doors and windows, the perfect solution to all of the above are retractable fly screens. These retractable screens can cover areas of glass that span metres wide, working to protect the vulnerable glass from damage, allow airflow into the home when doors are open while blocking bugs and more.

Find out more about what exactly these screening solutions are, and how they can be paired with your sliding glass doors. 

What are retractable screens?

Retractable insect screens are mesh fly screens that are able to retract. They are generally made of aluminium and fibreglass with a powder-coat finish, often with a UV-resistant coating to offer maximum immunity. 

The benefits of security screens for glass doors

Retractable security screens blend seamlessly with feature glass doors, working with them to add an extra close-fitted layer offering an insect block, UV block and protection against weather damage or other damage. 

See the 8 benefits listed here:

1. Added protection (against weather or intruders)

Glass doors, despite their gorgeous look, are vulnerable to weather damage. In extreme winds debris may fly into them, and during hail storms they may become scratched. Alongside this, they make a more exposed entry point for intruders who can smash them. 

Mesh screens are able to provide an added layer of protection over the glass that ensures longevity for your precious doors and safety for your home. 

2. UV protection

Glass creates a large area for UV to enter the home. Screens are able to cover this area to add essential shelter from UV that protects you and your family against damage. This also preserves your lovely furniture and other in-home elements from wear and fade from UV rays. 

3. Great for wide areas

To cover a large area of glass, these screens are the perfect design that can be easily pulled across the whole length or retracted. 

4. Keep out insects

If you ever want to open up your doors and let some fresh air into your home, retractable mesh screens ensure your home remains pest and bug free. 

5. Added privacy

Wide areas of glass create high visibility into the home. To provide comfort and the knowledge that you are less visible to potential prying eyes in the neighbourhood, the extra mesh layer reduces transparency.

6. Airflow control

Enjoy natural ventilation from outdoors while home entrances remain covered with screens. Fresh air is important in the home to allow rooms to breathe, and get rid of any strange odours or or air pollutants. 

7. Minimal space taken up

Maintain uninterrupted views whenever you like as screens can be completely hidden when not in use. Continue to look out at your garden, the city skyline at sunset or your lovely neighbourhood with screens easily rolled away and out of sight. 

8. Customisation

These doors are custom-made to your doorway, and can be tailored to your liking with your choice of screen size, design and colour to complement your home aesthetic. 

Security Plus Retractable Screens

When glass doors are paired with screens, this creates the perfect in-home environment that is practical and aesthetically pleasing. You are able to truly enjoy the openness and light while maintaining protection and airflow control, and have the screens out of sight again in an instant. 

Our flyscreens at Security Plus are quality, Australian-made screens. These retract completely out of view when not in use, so you can choose to have them open without them taking up space or blocking any view outside. 

Contact us to discuss your requirements and browse our wide range of screen options.

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