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Written by Spyropoulos Alicia

How Are Bushfire Roller Shutters Different from Standard Roller Shutters?

Bushfire roller shutters

Standard roller shutters are an excellent addition to any home, offering benefits such as security, insulation and privacy. Bushfire shutters, on the other hand, offer similar benefits while also providing essential heavy-duty shielding from extreme heat and abrasion. 

There are differences between the two shutter types which allow standard shutters to maximise security and comfort within the home, while bushfire shutters in Melbourne maximise bushfire protection. 

Standard roller shutters

These shutters provide affordable protection in style, having been used for their security, insulating properties, privacy and noise reduction for many years. They assist in maintaining internal temperature with less dependence on heating or cooling, and create an added noise barrier to decrease outside noise. 

They work to protect your home, with a range of added benefits including their aesthetic qualities, available in a variety of colours and designs. 

Fire rated shutters

Bushfire shutters cover and protect windows, which are the most common entry points for fire into the home. They guard these openings from heat and debris to reduce damage and save the house in these extreme conditions. 

Security Plus Shutters, Doors & Blinds Fire Rated Shutters have heat shielding properties to 40kW/m^s. They are also made up of high quality aluminium alloy, with a commercial grade double wall extruded profile and quality powder-coat finish that resists against abrasion. 

All Security Plus Shutters, Doors & Blinds shutters are made in Australia with bushfire shutters complying with the Australian Bushfire Construction Standard As3959 – 2009 (Clauses 3.7 & 8.5.1). At Security Plus, we pride ourselves on providing products that grant peace of mind, so you can rest assured that your home is truly secure.
To arrange a free consultation and quote for bushfire roller shutters in Melbourne to protect and elevate your home or commercial property, contact 1300 883 933. 

Security Plus Doors Reviews

The team at Security Plus Shutters, Door & Blinds prides themselves on their excellent customer service, with 4.7 stars from 182 reviews on Trustpilot

We are eager to assist you in choosing the correct shutters for your home at any time with a free consultation and free security doors quote.

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