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Written by Spyropoulos Alicia

How to Protect Yourself and Your Home Against Break-Ins

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In Australia, during the 2020-21 financial year, around 1 in 10 households experienced one or more household crimes according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. While this number has been recognised as a decreasing figure since the 2008-09 period, there is still a very real risk of break-in or theft on your property and it is important to be prepared. 

There are a few steps that you can take to prepare your property against break-ins, but it is also important to be prepared yourself and know what to do should there ever be an intruder in the home. Here are some ways to protect both your home and yourself. 

4 Ways To Protect Your Home

1. Secure the home

Even when you are at home, it is important to ensure all doors and windows are locked when not in use. Good security in the form of locks, alarm systems or cameras will often be enough to deter intruders just from the sight of them as they are generally on the lookout for an easy break-in. 

Another great way to secure the home is with the installation of roller shutters. High quality window shutters add a robust, protective layer over the most vulnerable entrances of the home to keep intruders out and allow you to feel safer in your home. Find out more about the additional security of roller shutters here

Security screen doors also work to add protection to your home as a tamper-proof layer with tamper-proof locks.

2. Protect any valuables

The sight of any expensive or valuable items is often what entices criminals. To ensure they are not tempted to enter to begin with, hiding any theft-worthy items from outside view is a good protective step. 

Valuables should be in a very hard-to-find place, with extreme valuables even in a safe or area that is very difficult to get into. If jewellery is in a bedroom dresser or bedside table, this is also an area that burglars will likely target. 

If property is engraved or personalised, this will also make it less desirable for thieves as it is more difficult to resell any personalised items. 

3. Make it look like someone is home

Especially when you are away on holiday, it is important not to let potential intruders know that the home is not occupied. Leaving some lights on, using smart automation to change lights from afar or leaving lights on a timer is a good way to create the effect that someone is home. 

With smart automated shutters, this is another way to create the illusion of life in the home as these can also be on a timer or raised and lowered from afar. 

4. Enlist the help of neighbours

Getting to know your neighbours and notifying them so you can watch each other’s property while away is one way to ensure your home is secure. If you do not trust your neighbours or do not have a great relationship with them, enlisting a friend or family member to check on the home every now and then and collect any mail is also useful. Pausing mail deliveries will also avoid pile-ups. 

3 Things You Should Do In The Event Of A Break-in

1. Leave the house

The Australian Federal Police urge anyone who notices an intruder in the home to leave the house immediately if possible and seek out a safe place. You should call Triple Zero (000) to alert the police and allow them to take action. 

2. Report it

If your house is broken into when you are not home, it is important to take note of any missing items and determine potential ways they may have gained entry. For any insurance claims you will need to know the case number or have a copy of the police report. 

You should avoid touching anything so as not to get in the way of any fingerprinting or evidence, and note any locks that may need to be replaced or further security measures to avoid the same intruder entry occurring in future. 

3. Call 

  • For non life-threatening or non-emergency situations: Police Assistance, 131 444 
  • For life-threatening emergencies: Triple Zero (000)
  • To report illegal or suspicious activity: Crime Stoppers, 1800 333 000

Secure your home with Security Plus roller shutters

Roller shutters are quality products, acting as a sleek and protective modern window covering. Shutters deter criminals, protect against damage and offer privacy so that nobody can observe your home life or spot valuables.  

If you believe increasing your security would offer greater peace of mind, we highly recommend arranging a free consultation with us as soon as possible.

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