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How to Select the Best Colours for Home Furnishings with Colour Psychology

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Colour psychology is the study of how colours can affect your behaviour and mood. It is based on the idea that colours have a psychological impact.

The theory of colour psychology is used in many industries, including marketing. A famous example of this is in the red and yellow colours of the McDonald’s branding, where red triggers appetite and stimulation and yellow evokes joy and friendliness. 

With a grasp of the concept, you can begin to apply knowledge of the impact of colours to enhance motivation, creativity, happiness, serenity and more. This can help you choose the perfect colour for new home decor such as timber or PVC shutters, roller blinds or security doors. 

The meaning and impact of different colours in the home

Warm colours such as red, orange and yellow generally evoke feelings ranging from comfort to anger, increasing energy levels and stimulating the body. Cool colours like blue, green and purple generally promote calmness. 

Individual colours can have the following impacts on our mood. 

Red: This colour is instinctively associated with passion and love, as well as power or bravery. It is energising and stimulating, instilling confidence as a warm, positive, strong colour that is one of the most evocative of the whole spectrum. Red attracts attention and can even speed up your metabolism, increase your rate of respiration or raise your blood pressure.

In the home, red adds excitement, ambition and motivation and would work well in creative spaces, in a bedroom or kitchen. 

Orange: This bright colour, according to Color Psychology, promotes rejuvenation as well as communication and optimism. It encourages energy and joy and enhances extraversion, allowing people to express themselves more freely. It is associated with enthusiasm, creativity and success. 

Orange works well in rooms such as bedrooms, dinings areas and exercise areas to encourage positive energy and emotions. 

Yellow: This colour strongly evokes creativity and mental activity, heightening awareness and energy. It is associated with intellect and joy, and easily catches your attention with its brightness. Yellow is most commonly felt to conjure happiness and playfulness.

In a domestic space, yellow is uplifting and perfect for brightening up a room such as a bathroom or dining room. 

Green: This colour is most abundant in nature and evokes balance, harmony, restfulness and growth. It is gentle, yet is also connected with productivity and connection, and is very beneficial to the body and mind. 

For harmony in the home, mint or teal is recommended to relax a space and creat e a feeling of tranquillity. 

Blue: As another colour that is abundant in nature and seen in the sky, sea and bodies of water, it is also evocative of tranquillity and stillness. The impact on the body of blue is the opposite of the effect of red, slowing the body’s systems and encouraging a lower heart rate. 

It is recommended that blue is placed in dining rooms, bedrooms or bathrooms to maximise feelings of relaxation. 

Purple: Sitting between red and blue, purple mixes emotions of intensity and power with relaxation and stability. The colour is associated with wisdom, creativity and mystery, and also carries a regality. 

For a sense of nobility and elegance, purple would greatly enhance a foyer, living room or studio space. 

Pink: Non-threatening, this colour is a calming one and is linked with innocence and optimism. It represents femininity, kindness, sweetness and love. It is associated with reduced aggression, shown to be effective when used in holding cells for violent offenders as explained by The Color Blog

Pink is recommended for bathrooms, living rooms of children’s rooms for a sense of warmth and comfort. 

Brown: In a study, it was found that a third of people link brown to disgust. As an earthy colour, it often evokes stability, honesty and maturity. It can be rich and comforting like chocolate, linked to warm feelings and connection to earth, home and family. 

This colour is most suitable for living rooms and bathrooms for simplicity and sophistication. 

White: Like a blank canvas, this colour is highly creative and inviting for reflection and awakening. It is associated with cleanliness and order, as well as purity and hope, providing a sense of efficiency and faith. 

An essential addition to a modern home, white is light and bright, making a room appear clean and harmonious. 

Black: This complex colour has a variety of effects, with the potential to be elegant and powerful or sad. Black can be very emotionally arousing, linked with depression, fear or anger, as well as lack of motivation. It is also associated with beauty. 

It is recommended that it is used in bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms or living rooms for maximum elegance. 

Doors, blinds and PVC shutters in a range of colours

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