News // May 31, 2023

Written by Spyropoulos Alicia

How to Select the Right Indoor Blinds for Your Home

Indoor blinds are an essential addition to every home. With the incredible benefits of light control, privacy and style, the decision is not whether to install these functional and aesthetic blinds, but which ones to choose? 

With a variety of blind options such as blackout blinds and screen blinds, and a range of materials and features, selecting the right ones can become overwhelming. See a list of blind features explained here to help you on your journey to choosing the perfect privacy blinds for your home. 

1. Blind style

It is important to first identify the style of blind that will best suit your requirements. With a range of options, each style carries its own unique features that will benefit your home. 

Roller blinds, in particular, are a popular choice for their simplicity and versatility. They have the ability to completely alter the atmosphere of any space with the option of totally blocking out light or maintaining sunlight and a view of the outdoors with additional privacy and UV protection. 

2. Material

The fabric of the blind can have a great impact on the look, functionality and long-term maintenance routine. Common materials include screen fabrics, blackout or translucent. 

Screen fabrics are made of polyester or fibreglass mesh. This design enables them to reduce glare while maintaining the outside view, as well as allowing air flow, privacy and UV protection. Blackout fabrics are thicker and opaque, generally made from PVC or polyester to block out light, while translucent materials are a lightweight polyester that softens light and provides some privacy. 

Other common blind materials include fabric, wood, faux wood, aluminium, and bamboo. 

3. Level of light control

The level of light that you want to block or allow may vary depending on your preferences. For maximum control of light, blackout blinds are an excellent choice that offer complete darkness when desired. Room-darkening blinds offer a great medium option, while light-filtering blinds provide a natural feel while maintaining privacy.  

4. Privacy

The level of privacy that you want to offer peace of mind in your home is important when selecting the right blinds for your home. The location of the windows you want to cover will be an important factor in determining this level of cover. 

5. Energy efficiency

To lower your household’s carbon footprint, reduce environmental impact and lower the cost of your energy bills, the right indoor blinds can be ideal. When selected and installed correctly, blackout material especially can work to insulate the home and block heat transfer. Screen material can also help to prevent heat from escaping in winter or the cool in summer, though these are more designed to filter light and reduce glare. 

6. The room

Screen fabrics are perfect for living areas and offices where you’d prefer reduced glare on screens while maintaining a light and open feel. Allowing maximal natural light into an office space can also assist with productivity and alertness. 

Blackout shades are great for bedrooms and nurseries. In these areas, they can boost your quality of sleep by stimulating melatonin production with adequate darkness and supporting your circadian rhythm. 

7. Window size

Whether your new blinds will be covering a small or large area will influence the style that is most suitable. Roman shades are often an elegant choice for small windows, while vertical blinds are popular to cover larger ones. 

Roller shades are available in a variety of sizes and can often be customised to fit any window dimension with style and practicality. 

8. Operation options

While manually-operated blinds are traditional, there are now a range of options available when it comes to blind operation. For windows in hard-to-reach places, motorisation is recommended for convenience. Motorised blinds can be operated via switch, remote control or even by smartphone app. 

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