News // July 24, 2023

Written by Spyropoulos Alicia

4 Health Benefits Of Indoor Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are an incredible addition to any home, generally selected for their sleek look which allows you to set the mood in any room. While these blinds are excellent at enhancing the appearance and ambiance of your home, they are also able to offer a range of physical and psychological benefits that lead to improved health. 

From UV protection to better quality sleep, find out how indoor blinds can support your mind and body. 

1. UV Protection

Protection against UV damage within the home is important for you and your family, as well as to protect your home interior. While harmful UV rays can cause a range of concerns such as damage to skin cells, for your precious furniture, floorboards or valuable artwork near windows this can also lead to premature fading and wear. 

Screen blinds offer UV protection while maintaining healthy sunlight and a view of the outdoors, so you are able to safely enjoy natural light, preserving your skin and your home interior. 

2. Natural Lighting

While there are now variations on variations of artificial lighting choices, exposure to natural light has benefits that will always be superior. A good level of exposure to natural light daily is important to improve your mood, your health, increase productivity levels and more. 

Spending time in the sun can improve your sleep pattern, helping you to feel more awake and alert during the day and tired at night. Additional vitamin D can also assist in maintaining healthy bones and reducing risk of heart disease or weight gain, and is also essential for healthy eye development. 

When it comes to maintaining sunlight in the home, problems may arise from the need for privacy, or protection from UV rays, which call for a window covering. With day blinds, you are able to enjoy all the benefits of daylight while maintaining privacy and avoiding harmful UV. 

3. Better Sleep

Good quality sleep is important for your general health and wellbeing, improving brain functioning, your overall mood and decreasing your risk of a range of diseases and disorders. During sleep, your brian removes waste and toxins from your system, so getting a good amount of sleep as well as good quality sleep is crucial. 

As the Sleep Foundation explains, when it comes to good quality sleep, light is an essential element that impacts your circadian rhythm and whether you feel sleepy or awake. When you are in a dark space, melatonin is produced to encourage sleepiness. Exposure to light can therefore inhibit sleep quality. 

Block out blinds, in particular, are an excellent window furnishing option that will block outside light to ensure your sleep is not interrupted. This is especially ideal for infants who nap during the day, or shift workers who may need to sleep during the day. Learn more about how blackout blinds enhance sleep quality.

4. Comfort 

Comfort is essential when it comes to general wellness. Feeling comfortable allows you to be able to truly relax, lowering overall stress levels and creating more joy, productivity and resilience. To feel emotionally energised and feel good about the time that you spend at home, it is important that you feel serene in your environment. 

As blinds offer privacy and the knowledge that you are safe from prying eyes, they can add an element of home comfort that enhances your overall wellbeing. Along with the ability to control natural lighting, and create a home that you like the look and feel of, you are able to feel truly comfortable and content with your space. 

Quality Roller Blinds With Security Plus 

Security Plus Shutters, Doors & Blinds have been industry leaders since 1992, committed to creating better homes. With a range of style and colour options including block out blinds or day blinds in Melbourne and Sydney, contact our expert team to arrange a free consultation and begin enjoying improved health.

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