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Written by Spyropoulos Alicia

The Best Choice for Privacy at Home

Privacy is an essential element of a safe and comfortable home. If we are feeling as though we may be witnessed or watched, there is the sense that we cannot truly relax. This is especially true for spaces such as the bathroom or bedroom as, a lot of the time, the bedroom is the only truly personal space in a house. 

Though secrecy is still appreciated in the kitchen or living room, these rooms are generally designed for communal use and enjoyment. Ensuring your own space is truly yours and free from the threat of onlookers creates a feeling of peace and safety that is priceless. 

There are a variety of options for additional concealment in the home, including blinds, plantation shutters and roller shutters. Find out more about each option and which may be the most appropriate for your needs. 

Why privacy is important

Privacy, as described by the Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner, is not only a human need but a human right. It is recognised as such in a range of documents, one of which being the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. According to the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 section 13, it is stated that everyone in Victoria has the right to not have their privacy, family or home interfered with. 

Privacy relates to a level of control over what personal information can or cannot be available to others. It maintains a feeling of safety, dignity and freedom that is crucial for all, whether this includes privacy in the physical or digital sphere. 

Disruptions of a person’s secrecy can lead to embarrassment, emotional distress, fraud, physical harm and a feeling of disempowerment. Privacy in the home ties into the basic right to shelter. It provides four walls in which you can rest and relax with the peace of mind that your boundaries are set and you are secure. 

Indoor blinds and privacy

Blinds are an excellent way to add some concealment and comfort to your home. There are many blind styles that offer additional benefits such as light control and protection from damaging UV rays. Depending on the style, you can either completely block out light and enjoy complete privacy, enjoy lots of sunlight while maintaining privacy, or some privacy and UV protection while maintaining a view of the outside. All blind styles are easy to open or close at will, covering windows when more seclusion is desired and allowing more daylight at other times.

There are a range of blinds that satisfy the need for secrecy within the home. Roller blinds are a popular window treatment available in blockout, translucent or screen options. Blockout roller blinds provide the ultimate sense of privacy and peace of mind, also creating the perfect environment for TV viewing or sleep-ins without light disturbance. 

Vertical blinds are made of long slats which are suited to winder windows, while venetian blinds or horizontal blinds are better for narrower windows. As they are made of long slats, a vertical blind also allows more light filtering which could create the sense that there is less privacy. 

Plantation shutters and privacy 

These window shutters are a great choice for privacy. When shut completely, they are able to block all light and reduce noise transfer, adding an extra layer of concealment as you can rest assured that your 80s music playlist or private conversations are not being heard. 

When fully opened these shutters still cover much of the window, and will cover more or less depending on the louvre size. Unlike other window coverings, once installed they generally do not allow the entire window to be shown. This is a desirable feature for optimised confidentiality in the home, especially in areas such as the bathroom. 

Roller shutters and privacy 

For maximum peace of mind, roller shutters offer tamper-proof window coverage as well as noise insulating qualities that reduce noise transfer by up to 50%. They offer versatility as they can be fully opened or fully closed at any time, though when fully closed they will also block light from entering the home. 

The ultimate privacy combination

For ultimate privacy, it is recommended to use quality blinds during the day which provide concealment while allowing daylight. In conjunction with these, shutters should be used for additional peace and comfort whenever desired. 

Trustworthy window furnishing companies

The company that you purchase from will play a part in how secure you feel and the quality of that security. SP Shutters, Doors & Blinds has been providing privacy and safety to Aussie homes since 1992, with tailor-made products that adhere to Australian standards. 

Contact our team to experience customised privacy solutions today.

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