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The Best Window Coverings for Each Room of the House

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For a home that feels safe and comfortable, window furnishings such as blinds and shutters are essential. As home additions that are both functional and aesthetic, you are able to enjoy privacy, light control, protection from UV rays, insulation, noise reduction, enhanced style and home value at an affordable price. 

With a range of treatment options from screen blinds to roller or plantation shutters, it can be difficult to decide which window coverings to choose for your lovely home. Here is a guide to the most appropriate choices for each room of the house. 

In the Bedroom

This area is one in which privacy is essential, as well as comfort and darkness to ensure a good night’s sleep. Roller blinds are a great choice for bedrooms as they are able to provide privacy as well as comfort with reduced glare and UV protection. Blockout blinds are also a great option to ensure light is completely blocked out and reduce external noise for better quality sleep. 

Roller shutters would make an even better option for bedrooms overnight with the additional security protection to add peace of mind and even greater noise reduction. Insulating qualities would also increase comfort and ensure the room is able to remain at a cosy temperature with ease, saving energy. For an optimal pairing, select blinds for the daytime and shutters for the night. 

In the Living Room

The living room is a space of entertainment, style and relaxed comfort. It is an area in which privacy is necessary to carry out everyday activities in peace, as well as light control to enhance the mood of the room and allow for satisfying TV viewing. 

To maximise style and light control, screen roller blinds are ideal to set the mood of any room at any time of day. Watch TV in peace with reduced glare, enjoy UV protection for both yourself and your furniture to save it from wear, and luxuriate in the peace of mind that you are not visible to the outside world. 

In the Kitchen

As a busy room that is likely to be in use for meal preparation morning or evening, privacy and light control is also suitable in this space. Natural light while preparing lunch as well as the option to shut out the outside atmosphere in the evening is important. 

Blinds or plantation shutters are an excellent option for this room, as both provide necessary light control and privacy. The latter are extremely easy to maintain, only requiring a simple wipe down with a damp cloth every now and then which is ideal if they are likely to end up with food splatters! PVC shutters are extremely durable and ideal for this area as they are warp-proof even in spaces with high moisture and steam. 

In the Dining Room

Another room in which elegant style, privacy and light control are important, the dining room could be best suited for the timeless aesthetic of plantation shutters. These shutters are able to be operated with ease, custom-made for any window size or shape and built to last. 

Blinds will also make a great addition to any dining room, enhancing concealment, comfort and control of natural lighting. 

In the Home Office 

For maximum peace and to avoid distractions for any work that is being carried out, the ability to block out the outside world is important in this space. At the same time, natural lighting has been shown to increase productivity and may have a positive effect on your work. 

A pairing of roller shutters with blinds is recommended for this room, where the privacy and noise reduction of shutters will increase concentration. Blinds will allow privacy to be maintained while sunlight is still able to flow through the space, and any valuables such as computers or laptops can remain out of sight and protected. 

In the Bathroom

Similar to the kitchen, PVC plantation shutters are an appropriate choice to provide privacy for this area which is higher in moisture and vapour, as they are warp-resistant. Privacy is paramount in this space, and these shutters will provide the comfort of concealment while allowing light into the area. 

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