News // April 26, 2022

Written by Spyropoulos Alicia

What Are The Benefits Of Day And Night Blinds?

Day and Night blinds are made up of both translucent screen and blackout fabrics. This trendy mixture offers flexible functionality that provides a range of benefits in the home that optimise light in your space–day or night

Translucent fabric

This fabric is excellent for dulling the harsh daylight while protecting from sun glare and UV damage. Enjoy the day from indoors with a moderate window covering that offers privacy and protection.

Blackout fabric

The use of this fabric offers complete privacy and blockage of light, perfect for avoiding light disturbance during sleep or offering a more cinematic setting while watching TV.

The combination

This combination of fabrics in these roller blinds offers maximum control of your space. You may choose to have half-translucent, half-blackout fabrics for a softer lighting that allows some sunlight and a view of the outside. You may also prefer to use just the translucent fabric for a brighter effect, or just the blackout blind for ultimate privacy and light exclusion.

With both blackout and translucent fabrics within the blinds that can glide between each other to provide a lighter or heavier blockage of light, you are given the option at any time to select a preference. Choose your desired level of coverage of the window, and maximise privacy and sunlight whenever desired.

Security Plus Shutters, Doors & Blinds  are experts in providing quality roller blinds to Aussie homes. Contact us today to arrange installation of Day and Night blinds in your home.

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