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Written by Spyropoulos Alicia

10 Ways Shutters, Doors & Outdoor Blinds Add Home Value

Outdoor blinds

Whether you are renovating your home, have just moved into a new one or are planning on selling soon, taking steps to increase your home value is always a smart choice. Not only will it mean that your property will be more valuable, but you and your family get to enjoy all the benefits of a safer, more comfortable, more practical and more beautiful home. 

Window shutters, security doors and outdoor blinds are all excellent products that will increase your overall home value. As extremely valuable home furnishing solutions, they add:

1. Insulation

Both plantation shutters and roller shutters offer an added layer of insulation over windows, where the majority of heat transfer occurs in the home. This means your home can stay cool for longer in the summer, or stay warmer with more ease in winter, ensuring all home inhabitants are comfortable. 

Outdoor roller blinds also add some insulation to the outdoor area, helping to maintain an even temperature 

2. Reduced costs

The added insulation also provides benefits such as saving money that would be spent on heating and cooling, saving around 15% on these costs according to Your Home by the Australian Government. 

With security screens and shutters you can also save on insurance premiums as, according to most insurance premiums, these lower your risk of theft, burglary or home invasion. 

3. A stylish look & curb appeal

Shutters that are visible to the outside add curb appeal, while also increasing the appearance of the home inside as well. Curb appeal is described as how appealing the home is from the curb or the street, and how it compares to other houses next to it. This impacts the first impression that is made. 

Doors have this same effect as usually the home entrance is one of the first elements that is noticed by guests or potential buyers, instantly increasing your street appeal. 

4. Environmentally friendly practices

The insulation that shutters and outdoor blinds offer also save on energy use, as less heating and cooling also means more energy is saved. Every small bit of reduced consumption has a positive impact on the environment and greenhouse gas emissions, and this is something that those in the market will be on the lookout for. 

5. Privacy

Privacy in the home is a crucial element that allows us to relax, knowing that we are not being witnessed or watched. This is specially important in spaces such as the bedroom or bathroom, which is where PVC plantation shutters are useful. 

Privacy is still necessary in other areas of the house, and the way in which security screen doors can maintain privacy while allowing airflow into the home, or how patio blinds can add seclusion to your outdoor living, also increase value. 

6. Security

Window shutters and doors create a priceless sense of security, adding an extra layer that is difficult to break through on windows and doors. A high percentage of intruders enter the home either through the doors or windows, so ensuring these are more difficult to enter lowers risk and provides peace of mind. 

7. Comfort

For general in-home comfort, shutters and doors provide the knowledge that the home is safe, added insulation, light control, airflow control and even noise reduction to create the ideal home environment. 

Alfresco blinds also create a sheltered outdoor space that is comfortable no matter the weather, protected from rain, wind, dust and damaging UV. 

8. A stylish and practical backyard

Cafe blinds help to create an aesthetic, appealing outside environment at a glance while also having practical use that lifts the overall value of the area. 

9. Easy maintenance

These home furnishing options are all relatively easy to maintain. Potential buyers will not appreciate anything too complex as it may be too difficult to manage upkeep, so the high usefulness along with the low maintenance required for these will have great appeal. 

10. Tech features

Revenues & Profits explains that smart technology can increase the value of your home. Opting for smart motorisation on shutters or patio blinds will impress home visitors and potential buyers with an added level of ease of operation. 

High-tech locks on doors will also add to the sense of security and convenience. 

Increase your home value with Security Plus 

Security Plus Shutters, Doors & Blinds has been adding value to Australian homes since 1992, consistently striving to provide quality service and a wide range of tailor-made home furnishing solutions. 

Arrange a free consultation today to begin transforming your property.

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