News // April 26, 2022

Written by Spyropoulos Alicia

4 Ways Alfresco Blinds And Awnings Will Enhance Your Outdoor Entertaining

Outdoor track blinds and awnings are a great addition to any outdoor space. If you’re planning to host friends or family over the summer, alfresco blinds are sure to revamp your space and make for a comfortable, sheltered outdoor hangout that protects from the elements.

See all the reasons why blinds and awnings are a must for outdoor entertaining below.

1. Maintain the view

Whether you have a gorgeous garden or a beautiful view of the Melbourne or Sydney skyline, these blinds ensure you keep the view while protecting yourself. Transparent blinds with sunscreen mesh mean you remain protected from the elements and from UV, so you can enjoy privacy and shelter with the scenery.

2. Protected from the weather

The addition of outdoor blinds means both you and your outdoor furniture remain protected from rain, hail or shine. Keep out the wind and UV and sit in comfort on those warm summer evenings, avoiding flies and mosquitoes.

3. Tailor-made options

Not only will you be sheltered in a cosy outdoor space, but your outdoor areas will be enhanced by the stylish range of fabric options. Choose from a range of mesh and frame colours and styles to impress guests with your ideal outdoor entertainment area.

4. Easy operation

With a range of operation options, you can avoid cords or wires and opt for motorisation to control your blinds with the push of a button via remote or smartphone. Have your alfresco area set up for guests in seconds with easy adjustment, as well as smooth and quiet functionality.

Outdoor blinds and awnings are the perfect enhancement option for your outdoor space. As we gear up to summer, now is the time to revamp your entertainment areas. Security Plus Shutters, Doors & Blinds offer top quality blinds, with an expert team that can help you arrange the best blind options for your home.

Contact us on 1300 060 612 to arrange a free consultation and quote.

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