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10 Ways to Keep Your Business Property Secure

Commercial Roller Shutters

If you own a business, it is likely something you have poured your heart and soul into. It is a passion project that you have spent years cultivating and putting time and effort into making it grow. It is also likely something that supports you and your family. 

If anything were to happen to this physical manifestation of all of your efforts, if it were stolen from or damaged, it would certainly cause grief. On top of this, you also hold a duty of care to provide safe working environments for your staff, clients or customers, so taking steps to prevent theft or crime in this way is very important. 

From the installation of commercial roller shutters to cameras, here are 10 steps you can take that will offer protection and peace of mind for your precious business. 

1. Commercial Roller Shutters

When it comes to property protection, commercial roller shutters are a simple, cost-effective solution that increase security by adding a tamper-proof layer over windows or doors. Windows and doors are the most common entry points for intruders, so making it more difficult to enter these is important. Just the sight of these shutters is able to deter criminals. 

These shutters are also able to add privacy. A lot of the time the sight of any valuables is a motivator for thieves, so if there are no high value possessions in sight they will not know if it is worth entering the premises. 

Roller shutters are able to offer protection from the elements to doors and windows, preventing hail, wind, storms, fires, branches or debris from causing damage that could break windows. 

2. Assess risk

A risk assessment is a great way to observe where your property may have vulnerabilities. It’s important to recognise the likelihood of certain events occurring and take steps to reduce this likelihood as well as the potential impact on your business with an action plan. Business Queensland by the Queensland Government states it is crucial to develop a business continuity plan and look out for areas of potential threat. 

3. A reliable security alarm system

A large percentage of burglary attempts tend to happen outside of business hours. A security system with 24/7 monitoring and an alarm will ensure you have an eye on the property even when there’s nobody there, and will alert you as soon as there is an unwanted presence. When an alarm is set off, it is likely that the thief will be scared off even if they have entered. The premises will be kept safe from intrusion even just by the sight of an alarm system. 

4. Security cameras

Surveillance allows you to remotely check on the building whenever you want, meaning you can reassure yourself of any concerns in an instant, confirming that everything is fine. 

5. Illumination

Good lighting is a simple solution to ward off intruders, as no criminal wants to feel as though they may be on show. This also makes customers or staff feel safer as they enter and exit the building. 

6. Secure entrances

As previously mentioned, doors or windows are the most common entry points for criminals. Apart from the installation of window shutters, making sure entrances are secured with high quality locks is also important. It should be worked into the closing-up process that all doors and windows are locked and checked so that this level of security is guaranteed when all staff have left the building. 

7. Protect valuables

With any expensive business assets, it is critical that these are out of sight for passers-by so that criminals can’t see the item that may be worth stealing. These should be well hidden, if easily moved, when leaving the premises, or not be placed where they can be easily viewed if they are not able to be moved. 

In terms of cash kept on premises, there should only be a small sum of money kept overnight unless it is secured in a safe. 

8. Educate staff on self-protection

Staff training will make sure they’re ready in the event of any threats. Your team should be able to recognise any suspicious behaviour so that they can see danger coming, and know what to do in the event that a situation escalates. 

Self-defence training will assist, while developing protocols in the event of emergency and ensuring staff are aware of these procedures is also important. 

9. Regular stock take

Making sure you are aware of any missing stock is important to determine if there is any theft from not only random criminals but your own staff. 

10. Be wary of employees

Employee theft is quite common. Creating a high level of trust and respect between yourself and your team will help to lower staff crime rates, and performing background checks or police checks will also assist. Clearly communicate to the team that theft is not an acceptable or tolerated behaviour, and be wary of who has access to certain areas. 

Reliable Commercial Security Shutters With Security Plus 

Security Plus commercial shutters are a quality security measure that offer protection against theft, as well as any damage from events such as extreme weather. These shutters can be installed on any window or door to cover all entrances, with a robust aluminium makeup that is impenetrable. 

For shutters that are easy to operate and available in a range of colours and styles to match your business property, contact us today for a free consultation.

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