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6 Common Home Security Myths Debunked

Home Security

The fear of being broken into is a very real mental battle that everyone is fighting in various ways, taking steps to combat this fear to feel safe. Often, misinformation that can either be calming or anxiety-inducing plays into this fear and is spread from person to person. Everyone is trying to work out what the best things they can do to protect their home may be. Sometimes, the answers that we have may not be the right ones.

Cutting through the misinformation is important to make sure your home is truly safe, and being certain of these facts will help you and your family to feel more secure in your home. From the notion that criminals can cut through the mesh of front security doors to the idea that burglaries mainly happen at night, find out the truth about these common conceptions (or misconceptions). 

Why The Facts Are Important

Taking action on security in the home based on myths can lead to a false sense of security that means your home is actually left vulnerable. While feeling secure and having the fear of intruders entering your home settled is good, this will not stop criminals from crime-ing their way in. 

Educate yourself on the truth below, so you can feel safe and rest assured that you have all the information to ensure your home is protected. 

6 Common Home Security Myths 

1. Myth: Criminals can cut through the mesh of front security doors

Fact: No, criminals are not able to cut through the mesh security screen doors of today. 

Flimsy mesh doors were once commonly used over front doors, with their main purpose being to keep out insects and allow airflow through the home. It may have been true at one point, or with a poor enough quality door, that criminals could cut through these.

Technology has advanced over time to provide mesh security doors that continue to keep out pests, but now also work as a tamper-proof safety solution. The strong, stainless steel mesh doors of today are made to keep your home secure, adhering to Australian Standards to guarantee quality. 

2. Myth: Window locks are enough to stop intruders 

Fact: This won’t stop people from entering. Additional security measures are recommended. 

Another common misconception is that a lock on the window is enough to stop criminals from breaking in. Those trying to get into the home will often still be able to force windows open, or smash them, if they would really like to enter.  

In general, vulnerable windows on the ground floor level of buildings, at least, should have an added layer over them to boost immunity. An excellent way to combat this is the addition of window shutters such as plantation shutters. Roller shutters, in particular, are a great security solution that fortifies the home. 

3. Myth: A locked door is enough

Fact: You should have more than a locked door in place to protect your home. 

While a locked door is better than nothing, a crowbar or another tool could be used to pry open the door. Other entry points to the home such as windows could also still be used as a chosen entry point instead. 

It is a good idea to take additional security measures, such as a front screen door or roller shutters to cover home entrances. 

4. Myth: Burglaries mainly happen at night

Fact: Most burglaries happen during the day on weekdays. 

It is commonly thought that homes are mainly broken into at night, as broad daylight would make it difficult for those who don’t want to be seen. The contrary is actually true, presumably because thieves are aware that a majority of people will be at work or school during the day during the week. 

A 2020 data report by the FBI confirms that 247,238 reported burglaries occurred in the day versus 194,324 at night. 

5. Myth: Thieves won’t strike the same house twice

Fact: If a home has fallen victim to crime, it is more likely to be broken into again. 

It may be thought that once a house has been targeted, the criminal has taken what they wanted and will not come back. The truth is, if they have escaped successfully once they believe they would be able to do the same again, and are likely to return. 

If your home has been broken into, it is a good idea to install extra security measures and at least upgrade the entry point that was identified. 

6. Myth: Guard dogs will scare off intruders 

Fact: Dogs are great for scaring off criminals, but are not a replacement for security. 

Dogs may not always be able to protect the home, especially if they are out of the house with you or with you on your holiday. Security is a reliable and permanent part of your home that will always be there to defend it. 

If you would like further advice on improving your home security, visit our blog.

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