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7 Ways Patio Blinds Create A Child-Friendly Outdoor Area

If you have children, you are surely aware how important it is to consider the safety and appropriateness of home areas for your little loved one. The outdoor space is no different, posing a variety of risks and elements that are either unsafe or inconvenient for families with children. 

Find out more about the significance of considering the suitability of your outside area for children, as well as how patio blinds may assist. 

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Importance Of A Child-friendly Outdoor Living Space

Creating a safe, comfortable and enjoyable outdoor environment for the little ones in your family is important to allow them to play, relax and find risk-free joy in time outside. Spending healthy time outdoors is important especially for a developing child, where it is recommended they receive at least 3 hours of time outdoors each day. 

As explained by Raising Children Network (Australia), outdoor play is essential for the healthy development of your child, including for their physical health and wellbeing. Exploring the natural environment allows them to run, jump, kick or throw, passively allowing them to exercise and explore creative freedom. Vitamin D and sunlight exposure are also important for healthy eyesight development and general vitality. 

7 Ways That Patio Blinds Create Child-Friendly Outdoor Areas

When it comes to creating the ideal space for your child to spend healthy time outside in, and enhance their physical and mental growth, outdoor roller blinds are an excellent choice. Here are 9 ways that they can assist in curating the perfect child-friendly outside environment. 

1. Enhanced Safety

With the ability to create an enclosed, sheltered space, these blinds offer a protective barrier that can prevent your child from wandering off or accessing potentially hazardous areas. 

2. Additional Privacy

To ensure you and your family are safe from the prying eyes of those in the neighbourhood and play freely in comfort, blinds are a great choice, able to provide privacy while maintaining a view. 

3. UV Protection

Outdoor blinds can provide UV protection that supports healthy time outdoors without concern for damaging UV rays, safeguarding you and your family and reducing risk of sunburn or skin damage. 

4. Weather & Temperature Control

Enjoy your outdoor environment no matter the weather with these blinds that offer shelter from the weather. With wind and rain blocked in winter or a shaded, cooler space in summer, ensure you can be outdoors in any season, all year round. 

5. Easy Maintenance

As they are made from durable and easy-to-clean materials, these blinds are perfect when it comes to dealing with the messy situations that your child may find themselves in. Whether they have a new obsession with textas and drawing on everything in sight, or they’re enjoying playing in the mud, these blind materials make any mess an easy fix. 

6. Flexibility 

Blinds can be adjusted at any time to offer control of sunlight, wind, and privacy, allowing you to create an environment that is comfortable for you and your family at any time. 

7. Reduced External Disturbance

Acting as additional sound barriers, outdoor blinds are able to reduce outside noise to help to create a more serene outside space. This can mean less disturbances from the neighbourhood and make it easier to focus on your family. 

Other Ways To Create A Child-friendly Outdoor Environment

1. Childproofing

Identifying potential hazards and implementing safety gates or corner protectors is important to reduce potential accidents. 

2. Soft Floors

Soft and padded floors are a good idea to provide a comfortable play area and cushion any falls. 

3. Kid-friendly Furniture

Select furniture that is child-sized and easy for them to use, as well as free of sharp edges or delicate elements that may break. 

4. Open Play Area

A designated play area encourages freedom and imagination with space to move and explore in. 

5. Child-safe Plants

As children may be tempted to explore (and eat) almost anything, it’s important to keep plants that are non-toxic and safe to touch. 

6. Sensory Play

Allow your child to explore through touch with sand, water or other sensory materials. 

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