News // June 19, 2023

Written by Spyropoulos Alicia

7 Ways to Maximise Indoor Air Quality

As explained by Harvard Health Publishing, good quality air within your home is important for your health, helping to avoid asthma or allergies and reduce air pollution. A fresh-smelling home is also more impressive and pleasant for yourself, your family and any guests. 

From the installation of security screen doors for ventilation to controlling humidity, here are 7 ways to ensure the air quality in your home is of a good standard. 

The importance of quality indoor air

Quality air in your home is very important to reduce allergens, avoid respiratory problems and generally maintain better health. Household cleaning products, collection of dust on carpets and surfaces, paints, pet fur, dust mites and mould, in particular, are potential irritants that could contribute to headaches, fatigue, dizziness and eye, nose or throat issues. 

Children, elderly people and anyone more susceptible to respiratory concerns or allergies are more dependent on good quality air in the home to prevent health issues. It is important to take the appropriate steps to ensure air quality is breathable and free of irritants. 

7 ways to improve indoor air quality

1. Keep the home clean

Keeping the home tidy will help to increase air hygiene and lower levels of dust and other allergens collecting on surfaces. You should vacuum regularly (at least once a week), mop floors and dust surfaces to reduce a build-up of dust. Clean bedding and any other materials often, and use dust mite-proof sheets if possible. 

2. Ventilate with security screen doors

To allow fresh air into the home while ensuring the property is still secure, safety screen doors are the perfect solution. A security door paired with window screens will allow for optimal ventilation, providing the ability to fully open windows and doors and trust that the home is still protected, with no pesky insects entering either. 

3. Control humidity

Especially in areas that may be susceptible to growth of mould, a dehumidifier will prevent or slow its growth. You should keep an eye out for its development and ensure it’s removed fast once noticed. 

Fixing any leaks or reducing other sources or moisture will also assist in lowering mould development. 

4. Use an air purifier

To reduce allergens, an ionic purifier will help to lower the level of irritants in the air. Place these in areas of the house that are used most often. These can be found at stores such as Harvey Norman, MYER, JB Hi-Fi and Kmart, with more affordable options available. 

5. Choose low-VOC products

VOC products include volatile organic compounds. Household cleaning products, paints and even furniture can release VOCs into the air and reduce air quality. Look out for products that have a low VOC rating, and that are said to be environmentally friendly. 

6. Be mindful of plants and greenery

It is widely believed that plants support indoor air quality, supporting air purity by releasing oxygen. While some plants are said to support indoor air quality, they are also likely to collect mould and trigger allergies for some people. If you have pets, you should also be mindful that some plants may be toxic to them. 

As healthline explains, you should speak to your local greenhouse about what plants may be safest for allergies and pets. 

7. Test for radon

The CDC recommends that every home is tested for levels of radon, which is a dangerous, scentless gas that can raise risk of lung cancer. You can purchase a radon test kit, set it up, allow it to conduct the test (this may take a few days to a few months depending on the test type), and then send it to a lab to receive the results. 

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