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Enhancing Comfort & Style: 8 Benefits of Retractable Screens

Feeling comfortable in your home is important in order to foster mental and physical well-being. An aesthetically appealing space, in addition to a cosy one, can also have a great impact on your emotions, improve your mood, and make the space more inviting. 

Finding a balance between comfort and style can be very influential in creating a home in which all inhabitants are happy and cosy. Window and door furnishings are an excellent way to add practical value that enhances comfort while also improving the look of your home. These can include security doors, plantation shutters, and indoor or outdoor blinds. 

Retractable screens are particularly ideal to serve the dual purpose of enhancing comfort and style. Learn more about retractable screen doors and how they can enhance your property. 

Comfort and Style of Retractable Screens

What are retractable screens?

Retractable flyscreens are innovative and versatile additions to any home. Composed of an aluminium frame and a durable screen, these screens work to provide protection against insects and pests while also offering a range of other benefits from climate control in the home to additional privacy. 

Available in a range of styles, they are also able to suit and be paired with a range of door types including bifold, stacker, sliding, and French doors. When it comes to window styles, these screens are ideal for casement, tilt and turns, sliding, double hung, and awning windows

8 advantages of retractable flyscreens

1. Keep insects at bay

These screens are the perfect solution for allowing you to open your doors or windows and enjoy feeling more connected to the outdoors while maintaining a barrier for insects and pests. Enjoy the warm summer air while avoiding flies and mosquitoes in your lovely property, and remain comfortably open to the outside environment. 

2. Fresh air

Improve ventilation in the home with access to fresh outdoor air without concern for insects, intruders or debris entering. While some believe that there are a higher amount of allergens and potential pollutants in the outdoor air, allergens and pollutants are actually typically 2 to 5 times higher indoors than outdoors. 

Screens are an excellent way to encourage ventilation and promote better quality air in the home.

3. Integration of outdoors

Screen doors are able to bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor living to enjoy the outdoor environment and sunlight without compromising on comfort. They offer an unobtrusive barrier against insects and debris while maintaining an uninterrupted connection to the outside world. Enjoy the beauty of your patio or backyard while enjoying a tranquil indoor haven. 

4. Versatility

Retractable screens are extremely adaptable and able to enhance the home in any season, either retracting to allow the full warmth of the sun or creating a cooler, more shaded area. They are extremely flexible and able to be adjusted at any time to accommodate for the weather and the desired in-home atmosphere.

5. Energy efficiency 

Screens can have a significant effect on energy efficiency, as they act as an additional method of regulating temperature within the home with less dependence on heating and cooling. Placing screens in key areas can act as a strategic choice to reduce energy use and energy costs, minimising your carbon footprint and saving on bills. 

6. Customisation

With a range of customisation options, screens offer a canvas for you to enhance personal style expression around the house. Select from traditional or pleated flyscreens, or slim type is the ideal choice for windows. 

7. Maintain the view

Traditional screens or curtains, while they provide a range of benefits, will often hinder your view of the outside. Retractable screens are designed for maximum convenience, ensuring that the views from your windows or doors remain unobstructed. This works to enhance the overall visual appeal of your home, also creating a sense of openness and spaciousness that can make small, cosy spaces more inviting.

8. Additional security

As another layer that covers vulnerable entrances of the home, screens are able to provide some additional security and protection over windows or doors. A high quality flyscreen can assist in sheltering against debris that may scratch windows.

Quality retractable screen doors in Melbourne with Security Plus

For Australian-made, high quality screens to enclose wide or high doorways or windows, Security Plus Shutters, Doors & Blinds is a reliable choice. As industry leaders that have been improving Australian homes since 1992, you can rely on us to provide durable, custom furnishing solutions that are made to last. 

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