News // October 6, 2022

Written by Spyropoulos Alicia

Choosing the right outdoor blinds material for your Melbourne home

Outdoor blinds are a wonderful addition to any backyard, offering shelter from UV, weather protection and increased privacy to your outdoor space. In rain, hail or shine, maintain your plans to enjoy time outside with friends or family with tailor-made blinds that are durable and easy to operate. 

While deciding whether to install these blinds is a no-brainer, deciding on which blind fabric is best suited to your needs and your property can be difficult. 

The Benefits Of Sunscreen Mesh

Sunscreen mesh is a tough, dependable material for outdoor roller blinds in Melbourne that can block out up to 96% of wind and rain while assisting in maintaining the desired temperature in your outdoor space. 

This fabric provides privacy during the day, allowing you to enjoy the outside view without allowing you to be seen. Enjoy the daylight and the breeze with mesh that reduces sun glare and allows airflow through the space, and choose from a range of colours or transparencies. 

Opt for motorisation with sunscreen mesh blinds for additional ease of operation. 

The Benefits Of PVC

PVC material for alfresco blinds in Melbourne allow more overall weather blockage, as well as higher temperature maintenance. This fabric has a lower UV block of up to 93%, and is completely see-through, but is engineered to last in Australia’s harsh climate. Choose from clear or tinted PVC blinds. 

If you’re looking to add outdoor roller blinds to your Melbourne home and would like assistance selecting the right option for your property, contact the friendly team at Security Plus Shutters, Doors & Blinds for expert advice with a free in-home consultation.

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