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Plantation Shutters: Frequently Asked Questions About Installation

plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are an incredible addition to any home, with a timeless design that suits a range of window sizes and styles. With a window treatment that is this stylish and versatile, bringing privacy, light control, added insulation and more to a space, the question is not whether they should be installed, but how? 

See here for everything you need to know about shutter installation. 

Why install plantation shutters?

As explained in this blog, shutters have a range of benefits that increase the overall value of your home while giving it a more aesthetic look and making it more comfortable to live in. Along with the additional privacy and light control, they increase the value of your home as they are tailor-made to your windows. They are made to last, designed to elevate your home for decades. 

How are they installed?

Shutter installation is generally made up of 5 steps. The first involves measuring the window to make sure size is correct, and then the frame of the shutter needs to be assembled.   

After this, step 3 is to place, adjust and drill the shutter frame into the window frame before attaching the shutter panels. The final step is to test that the shutters operate well and everything is working.

The installation process may differ depending on whether it is an inside or outside mount. 

Can you install shutters yourself?

While you can install DIY plantation shutters, it is generally recommended that this is left to a professional just in case self-installation results in any damage to the shutters that isn’t covered by the supplier. If any concerns arise during a professional installation, they will ensure this is fixed at no extra cost. 

When installing shutters yourself, it is recommended that you have another person to help out, especially if it is a larger shutter. 

What tools would be required for DIY installation?

It is recommended that you have a step ladder, a cordless drill, a drill bit, a caulking gun and potentially a leveler. 

How long does the installation process take?

This process generally takes around one hour per window for a professional, but may vary depending on the number of panels. 

What is the cost of installation?

Shutter installation generally costs anywhere from $70-$100 per hour depending on the style and size. 

Where should they be installed?

Shutters can be either inside mounted to sit in the window, or outside mounted shutters are fitted on the surrounding wall of the window. 

In terms of where in the house, the window shutters are suitable for any windows in any room. With PVC shutters which are warp-proof in areas with more moisture, even areas such as the kitchen or bathroom are suitable for long-lasting shutters to be installed. 

Does installation differ by material? 

While the look and cost of the shutter may vary between PVC or timber plantation shutters, the installation process should remain the same no matter the shutter material. 

Is installation harder with motorisation?

For shutters with motorisation, this process may be more costly or take more time as the assistance of an electrician may be required. 

How do you maintain shutters after installation?

Shutters are naturally quite durable and long-lasting with low maintenance. If you would like to ensure your shutters continue benefiting your home for as long as possible, however, they should be cleaned around once a month to stop grime from building up. 

Step 1 is to remove any dust with a vacuum or wipe them down with a dry cloth. Then, you wipe them down with a damp cloth. After this you should dry them to avoid any dust building up on the moisture. Learn more about how to maintain your shutters in this blog

Window shutter installation with Security Plus

If you are looking to add plantation shutters to your lovely home, Security Plus has a range of shutter materials, styles and sizes to choose from to create a tailor-made shutter design that is sure to complement your home aesthetic. 

From initial order and design creation, Security Plus takes around three to five weeks to fully install plantation shutters and have them adding value to your home and impressing guests. 

Arrange a free consultation to begin designing your ideal shutters today for a better home tomorrow.

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