News // October 19, 2023

Written by Spyropoulos Alicia

7 Ways to Minimise Allergens Through Your Windows

Allergies are present all year round, but the higher levels of pollen during spring can mean this is a rough time of year for allergy sufferers. Taking steps to lower pollen levels and other allergens such as dust, mould or pet dander in your house will help to offer some relief and ensure your home can remain an allergen-free haven. 

From selecting low-allergy window treatments such as roller shutters to sealing cracks, here are some ways that you can reduce allergens around your windows, and in your home, so that you can continue enjoying this beautiful season of warmer weather and flower blossoms without constantly blowing your nose and rubbing your eyes. 

tips to reduce allergens around windows

7 Tips To Reduce Allergens Around Windows 

1. Roller shutters & low-allergy window treatment

Roller shutters are a great, low-allergy window furnishing option as the material ensures they do not collect a large amount of dust, while any dust collected is also easily removed. Materials such as wood, metal and plastic will collect less allergens than fabric, so roller blinds and PVC or timber plantation shutters are also an excellent choice

2. Keep windows closed 

It is a good idea to close your windows and rely more heavily on air conditioning during this season, which should be set to recirculate rather than introduce outside air into the home. 

3. Regularly dust 

Dust and allergens can easily build up along window frames, window sills and treatments. It is important to regularly clear dust from around your windows to avoid a build-up and prevent the growth of mould. 

4. Seal cracks

Cracks along window frames can allow allergy-ridden air to enter the home, and trap harmful contaminants. It is recommended that you fix any cracks or faulty caulking around your windows to prevent this from occurring. 

5. Remove any mould

If you do notice any mould or mildew, this should be removed immediately to reduce allergy triggers and avoid staining window sills. You can deep clean with either bleach, vinegar or hydrogen peroxide to kill mould. 

Other Methods Of Reducing Allergens In The Home

To generally improve air clarity in your home, you can also: 

1. Use dust-mite-proof covers for bedding

Regular bedding fabric is unfortunately a large collector of dust, which can make it difficult for your allergies overnight. Investing in hypoallergenic bedding can help to manage allergens and avoid a build up of dust mites or bacteria. 

2. Avoid carpeting 

Carpeting has been found to increase dust and allergens, and therefore impact indoor air quality and worsen asthma or allergies in these rooms compared to those without carpeting. If carpet can’t be avoided, it can be useful to vacuum at least once a week, or opt for carpet with hypoallergenic fibres. 

3. Vacuum with a HEPA filter

A vacuum with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter traps tiny particles such as fine dust, pollen and pet dander to avoid them flying back into the indoor air. This reduces potentially irritating pollutants.

4. Allergy-proof furniture 

It is recommended that you invest in furniture that is easy-to-clean and doesn’t collect too much dust. Wood, leather, metal or plastic furnishings are preferred for those with allergies. 

5. Remove clutter

Taking time to regularly go through and remove clutter in the home is a good way to avoid dust build-up in different areas. Less objects sitting around means less objects to trap allergens. 

6. Air filtration 

An air filter with a HEPA filter will help to maintain clearer indoor air quality. 

7. Remove surrounding high-pollen plants

In your front or backyard or the area surrounding your home, you should keep grass as short as possible. Identify any plants or trees that may be exacerbating your allergies and remove these, if this is an option. 

Reduce Allergens With Security Plus Window Furnishings

Security Plus window roller shutters, plantation shutters or blinds are excellent options for low-allergy window treatments that are easy to maintain and will not collect dust. Our quality products are ideal to create a home that feels safe and looks sleek, with optimal control of lighting and privacy. 

Opt for battery-operated or remote-controlled electric roller shutters for ultimate convenience. Contact us to learn more about our range of quality aluminium roller shutters today.

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