News // October 14, 2022

Written by Spyropoulos Alicia

The Secret to Outdoor Entertaining in Every Season

With ongoing lockdowns and restrictions in Melbourne finally coming to an end this year, we are over the rain-checking and rescheduling of events. Experiencing four seasons in one day, however, it can still be difficult to plan for outdoor events, and this is one element that may keep plans from happening. 

Time outdoors is important for our mental health, providing necessary vitamin D and time in nature. Outdoor blinds in Melbourne homes, in particular, are essential for those who enjoy time outside either alone or with friends and family.

How outdoor blinds help to facilitate plans in unreliable weather

1. Shelter from rain, wind and dust

eZip blinds provide up to 96% wind and rain block when made of sunscreen mesh and complete blockout of wind, dust and rain when made of PVC. This means that, no matter the weather, yourself and your guests remain comfortable, and any outdoor furniture will also remain sheltered. 

2. UV protection

Sunscreen mesh outdoor blinds provide up to 99% UV protection while PVC blinds provide 93% UV block. These blinds also reduce sun glare in general, so you and your guests can remain safe and comfortable with a maintained view of the outdoors through the transparent screens. 

3. Temperature maintenance 

The blinds offer a level of insulation that helps to maintain an even temperature within the outdoor area, again working to increase that snug feel in winter and keep the area cooler in summer. 

So, the secret is out – it is clear that outdoor blinds are, overall, an incredibly practical and advantageous addition to Melbourne homes. Security Plus Shutters, Doors & Blinds offer a range of aesthetic colours and styles of blinds that are extremely durable and will facilitate amazing spaces for outdoor entertaining for years to come. 

Contact Security Plus today on 1300 883 933 to receive a free consultation and quote for your new eZip blinds.

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