News // March 30, 2023

Written by Spyropoulos Alicia

8 Creative Ways that Roller Shutters can Enhance Your Property

commercial roller shutters

Roller shutters are extremely advantageous to a property, offering a range of benefits to all types of spaces, both domestic and commercial. 

Shutters are able to add robust, high security that prevents property crime, as well as protection against extreme weather for your doors and windows. With polyurethane foam that offers insulation, shutters are also able to add energy-saving insulation that reduces your dependence on heating and cooling and lowers your energy bill. 

With domestic or commercial roller shutters, you are able to enjoy privacy, noise reduction, increased overall property value and more. 

While there are many popular uses, are there some less popular ways that shutters can be used to lift a space? See below for 8 creative ways shutters can enhance your property

1. Room Dividers

If you are looking to create separate areas within an open space, shutters are an excellent option. They provide a flexible solution to divide homes or offices that can be opened or closed when necessary. 

2. Privacy Screens 

Shutters are a great choice to add privacy that shields particular areas from view. This is particularly useful for outdoor areas such as patios, decks, and balconies to add privacy to your outdoor activities. More than a practical tool, you can lift the look of these areas with a choice of shutter colour and design for a stylish addition.  

3. Sun Protection

Excellent at protecting indoor or outdoor spaces from the harsh sun, shutters can be installed in any area. Shutters help to avoid UV damage to furniture and belongings which may fade or wear prematurely, and can be installed outdoors to create shade. 

4. Soundproofing

A correctly installed roller shutter is able to reduce incoming noise to a space by up to 80 percent. This makes them perfect for spaces such as home theatres, music studios or offices as they can effectively block out outside noise. This can also be useful in the workplace to assist in following the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission’s National Code of Practice for Noise Management and Protection of Hearing at Work.

5. Decoration

Shutters can also be adopted as a decorative tool for an area. Available in a wide range of colours, patterns and styles, they can be utilised as a decorative feature in any space, used to create a unique feel that complements the overall look of a room. 

6. Outdoor Kitchen

Roller shutters can be used to enclose outdoor kitchens, a great method of protection against the elements that creates a functional and comfortable space. This could be useful for either a domestic kitchen or an outdoor cafe, restaurant or catering facility. They are able to be opened or closed as needed, offering a flexible solution for all weather conditions. 

7. Retail Spaces

For retail locations, shutters are a great option to create a secure, flexible storefront. They offer a robust barrier for security, as well as privacy and protection of merchandise that will defend against crime and ensure any valuables are safe. 

8. Advertising 

When it comes to advertising, roller doors present an additional large surface area that can act as a giant billboard to promote any messages. Whether you are a homeowner passionate about a cause or a business owner wanting to attract customers and promote new offers, advertising is a great use of shutters that maximises this extra surface. 

Ultimately, shutters offer a wide range of creative uses that have the ability to completely transform any space. As a practical, flexible, durable and aesthetic window treatment, they are an essential addition to any home or business that can be creatively adapted to suit your specific requirements.

Over 30 Years Of Domestic and Commercial Roller Shutters

At Security Plus Shutters, Doors & Blinds, we have been providing quality roller shutters in Sydney and Melbourne since 1992. Our shutters are made with an extruded aluminium profile for added immunity, and are the preferred choice for many homes and businesses for affordable protection. 
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