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Written by Spyropoulos Alicia

9 Ways to Make Your Home Summer-Ready

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In the warmer months, the hot Australian sun can be unrelenting. With some of the highest UV levels in the world (SunSmart), it is important to ensure you and your home are ready for the harsher conditions. Your home should offer some much-needed relief from the heat, and act as a place of comfort and security. 

As the WHO states, healthy housing is shelter that supports a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. To ensure this of a healthy house and comfortable living space is maintained, adequate shelter from the elements and comfort is necessary. 

Here are 9 ways that you can prepare your property for the Australian summer. 

1. Upgrade your window coverings

According to renew, around 40% of a home’s heating energy can be lost through windows and up to 87% of its heat gained through them, so it is more important than ever in summer to ensure windows are insulated. 

Shutters and blinds are an excellent way to add an extra layer of insulation to your windows, with roller shutters reportedly able to reduce heat transfer into the home by up to 90%. 

2. Add UV protection

Along with added insulation, blinds are an excellent way to increase UV protection inside the home. Security Plus screen roller blinds offer great UV protection while also maintaining a view of the outdoors when closed and allowing healthy sunlight to flood the home. 

Blockout blinds are also able to completely block out light and UV. 

3. Smart landscaping

If you are able to, adding or strategically placing trees, bushes or vines around your home will provide an excellent natural shading solution. Allowing leaves to cover windows is a great way to prevent heat transfer into the home and enjoy UV protection, while also acting as an aesthetic decoration. 

4. Summer-proof the backyard with alfresco blinds

When it comes to creating the perfect summer-ready outdoor area, alfresco blinds are the ideal choice. Sunscreen mesh outdoor blinds, in particular, are able to block up to 99% of damaging UV. Patio blinds maintain an even temperature throughout the outdoor living area, and block wind, dust and rain to create a comfortable and sheltered environment. 

As a weather-proof outdoor space, these blinds provide the perfect area for those summer BBQs and events during the holiday season. Even throughout winter, these blinds create the ideal space to enjoy with family and friends no matter the weather. 

5. Ward off pests

Especially in your outdoor space wasps, bees and mosquitoes can be extremely irritating in the warmer months. Outdoor blinds are great at keeping out pesky insects from your entertaining area, but if you would like to do more to keep bugs at bay there are a few other tricks to keep in mind. 

Adding a patio fan can assist in keeping flies and mosquitoes away, and reducing any standing water will also reduce attraction of pests. Keeping the garden tidy, cleaning your gutters and adding natural repellents such as citronella, lemongrass, peppermint or cinnamon can also be useful. You may also add repellents, yard sprays or candles. 

6. Transform your doors

Adding a security door or a screen door will enhance your security during the summer especially if you are planning on going on holiday. They also act as an extra layer to allow airflow into the home when necessary while keeping out insects and intruders.  

7. Insulate or seal any gaps

If there are any gaps underneath or above doors or windows, it is a good idea to seal these in order to block out the heat and maintain a comfortable temperature in the home. Adhesive weather strips are a great way to quickly fix these gaps and can be found at most household hardware stores. 

8. Ensure any fans are turning counterclockwise

Fans may have a “winter” and “summer” setting, where if they are turning clockwise they actually push down warmer air and lift cool air. Check that your fans are turning counterclockwise to make sure the cooler air is being pushed downwards. 

9. Check air filters 

When air conditioning is being used a lot, it is important to check if your air filters are in need of replacement. Generally, it should be checked every month. In summer, it may need to be replaced every time it is checked. 

Get Your Home Ready For Summer With Security Plus

If your home is in need of new window coverings, a sleek security door or alfresco blinds to prepare your property for the warmer weather, Security Plus Shutters, Doors & Blinds is here to provide a wide range of high quality home furnishing solutions. 

Create a more comfortable home to support you and your family’s overall wellbeing for generations to come. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation.

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