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Written by Spyropoulos Alicia

The Benefits of Insulation & How to Enhance It

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As explained in an article by Your Home, an initiative of the Australian Government, insulation is a material that prevents heat transfer into or from the home. It is an important element of any home environment, offering comfort, protection from the elements and crucial energy efficiency. 

In Australia, where it can be very hot at times and cold at other times, insulation can help to regulate your in-home temperature, reduce energy on heating and cooling and improve air quality in your home. 

Learn more about the benefits, how to enhance home insulation with security shutters and more. 

Benefits of Insulation

Here are 5 ways that insulation can enhance your home. 

1. Energy efficiency

Insulation helps to reduce both energy use and costs spent on energy in the home. As you don’t need to rely as much on heating and cooling, lots of energy and money is saved as good insulation means it takes less heating or cooling and the temperature remains stable for longer. Reducing your carbon footprint is more important now than ever, so why not boost insulation and enjoy lowered energy bills as well. 

2. Comfort

A consistent, comfortable indoor environment no matter the outside temperature is important. In winter, cool drafts are kept out, while in summer the heat is kept out and the cool is kept in. This helps to keep your home cosy. 

3. Improved air quality

Especially if you suffer from seasonal allergies, added insulation helps to keep out pollutants, dust or pollen from outside. It can also assist in reducing mould, which is known to cause health problems. Enjoy a cleaner, healthier in-home atmosphere. 

4. Better acoustics

With added insulation you can also enjoy outside noise reduction, meaning a more quiet and peaceful living space. You and your family can read books, watch TV or complete daily activities with less disruption from the outside world. This is especially useful if you live in a noisy neighbourhood or by a main road.  

5. Improved home value

Increased insulation improves the overall value of your home, with a more energy efficient and comfortable environment that is attractive to potential buyers. For a budget-friendly method of increasing home value, this is a low-cost, high-return option. 

How To Increase Home Insulation

How well something insulates, or resists heat flow, is noted by its ‘R value’ (resistance value). A higher R value means the product is better at insulation. The total R value of a home is calculated by adding the R value of the roofs, ceilings, floors and walls. 

To increase insulation and the total R value of your home, here are some steps you can take. 

1. Energy audit

A professional energy audit is recommended to identify exactly which areas in your home are lacking in insulation, and offer suggestions for enhancing it. This will help you to determine whether additional insulation, sealing any leaks or replacing old insulation is necessary. 

2. Security shutters

Your Home states 25%-35% of heat is transferred into or from the home through the windows. High quality modern roller shutters are made with the highly insulating polyurethane foam, the same material that is used in refrigerators. Roller shutter installation can therefore be a great tool to increase the R value of your home and help you to enjoy the benefits of added insulation. 

3. Upgrade windows and doors

Energy-efficient windows and doors can help to significantly reduce heat transfer through these openings. Upgrading doors and windows is a great method of providing an additional layer of insulation to the home. 

4. Seal cracks and add insulation

Caulking or weatherstripping are some effective methods of sealing air leaks that lead to poor insulation. Caulk can cover cracks or openings around areas such as door or window frames, while weatherstripping seals moving components such as the physical doors and windows. 

The US Department of Energy recommends adding insulation to areas such as any attic spaces, exterior walls, foundation walls and floors. 

Quality Security Shutters With Security Plus

To enjoy a comfortable, easily maintained in-home environment and save on energy bills, our quality window roller shutters are an excellent choice to insulate vulnerable openings. Contact us to begin creating a better home today.

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