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A Home That Lasts Against the Weather | Roller Shutters Melbourne

beautiful home using Roller shutters in Melbourne

A home should be a shelter for you and your family, keeping the outside out so that you can feel comfortable and safe from rain, hail or shine. On top of this, your precious home itself should be as weather-resistant as possible to ensure it maintains its structural integrity and lasts for many more years to come. 

Especially in Melbourne, where it feels like you experience four seasons in one day alone, it’s important to ensure your home is ready for every kind of weather. From roller shutters in Melbourne homes to weatherstripping, here is a guide to weatherproofing your property. 

The importance of weather protection

Making sure your home is able to withstand all kinds of weather is essential for the durability of the home and for your own comfort. Weather conditions are able to slowly deteriorate your home and threaten its structural integrity, shortening its lifespan and making for costly repairs later down the track. 

Water damage and excessive moisture can lead to mould growth and rotting, while strong wind and UV damage can also threaten an unprotected home. Belongings within the home may also wear faster without appropriate protection, and health may be threatened by allergens or mould growth which pose a risk. 

Taking steps to create a comfortable home environment and a robust home structure that doesn’t allow for the elements to penetrate easily will have major benefits in the long run. 

How to protect against the elements

There are four main aspects of weather that should be considered when creating a protected home. 

1. Rain and hail


Melbourne often experiences rain and hail, especially in the colder months, though this can occur all year round. Leaks and waterlogging can lead to complications such as black mould and general water damage that can cause a range of concerns. 


To protect against water damage, it is important to actively, regularly check for leaks. Blocked gutters can also lead to damage and drainage issues, so it is also important to keep these clear and regularly maintained. Inspecting the roof, insulating any exposed pipes or fixing any cracks, keeping drains healthy and monitoring water pressure will also avoid leaks. 

Aluminium roller shutters are a great method of prevention for water seeping through windows. Tightly fitted to your window frame with interlocking slats, shutters create a reliable, watertight barrier. This robust layer will also prevent hail damage on vulnerable windows. 

2. Wind


High winds can cause damage to the home. This could occur via flying debris breaking home entrances such as glass windows and doors, or the sheer force of the wind testing weak areas of the home’s structure. 

Wind can also carry with it allergens such as pollen and dust that could cause problems. This is especially true in spring in Melbourne, as Deakin University explains the city is identified as the allergy capital of the world. 


To protect your home from winds, it is important to seal any gaps with caulking or weatherstripping. Damage from debris can be avoided by installing strong door or window coverings such as quality roller shutters. You should also fix any structural concerns within the home to prevent further damage from occurring, and examine surrounding trees and shrubs for signs that they may fall. 

3. Extreme temperatures


Extremely high or low temperatures can have an impact on your home. Other than creating discomfort, high temperatures can cause wood to expand and crack, damage paint and create cracks in the roof that may lead to leaks later on. Cold weather also means more susceptibility to dampness and the growth of mould.


To reduce heat transfer and protect your home, insulation is extremely important. Painting the home exterior with light colours is a great way to reduce heat absorption, though this may make the home too cool in winter. 

Window roller shutters contain polyurethane foam, the type of insulation used in refrigerators. This works to insulate windows or doors and reduce heat transfer by up to 90%, also impacting energy savings with reduced dependence on heating and cooling. 

4. UV damage


UV can have a significant effect on a property, with the potential to lead to leaks, degradation and discoloration of roofing materials, blistering and damage due to heating and contracting. UV rays are also able to damage your home’s belongings through unprotected windows. 


To protect against this, it’s a good idea to install tinted windows, roller shutters or blinds. Roller shutters installed over windows can prevent UV rays from entering the home or damaging the windows themselves. UV-repellent sprays can also work wonders, as well as plants or trees that provide shade around the home. 

Quality roller shutters in Melbourne with Security Plus

At Security Plus Shutters, Doors & Blinds, we provide high quality, affordable shutters to Melbourne homes that defend your home against the elements while creating a comfortable environment. 
Contact our friendly team to hear more about our products and services and enjoy a home that lasts.

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