News // October 18, 2022

Written by Spyropoulos Alicia

Security Doors or Safety Doors?

The two options are both mesh doors that are installed over doors within your home to provide an added layer of security and protection to the property. Both allow airflow into the home while keeping out unwanted pests such as insects, while also adding an aesthetic feel to the property’s entrances or exits. 

Though both are excellent choices, what are the differences between them and which one should you select? 

security door and safety door

What is the difference? 

A safety door generally includes an aluminium frame and aluminium grill, whereas security doors are available with alumunium mesh or the more robust stainless steel mesh. The latter is more sound and protective, built with enhanced strength and immunity to withstand against intruders and harsh weather. 

Safety screen doors do not need to be as protective, and can be equipped with a triple locking system but are not automatically made available with them. They are also generally cheaper than their more secure counterparts. 

Which one would be best for my home? 

If what you are after is an attractive flyscreen that doubles as a criminal deterrent and is somewhat protective without costing much, a safety screen door may be the appropriate choice for your home. For the greatest level of protection, security doors are highly recommended. 

Security Plus Shutters, Doors & Blinds provides a range of door styles and colours to complement your home with made-to-fit solutions that last. Contact us today on 1300 883 933 to arrange a free consultation and quote for your new door.

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