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5 Ways Commercial Roller Shutters Protect Your Business Property

As a business owner, it is natural to be concerned for the security of your business. If anything were to happen to it, this could result in harm to yourself or employees, financial loss, business interruption, reputational damage and more that could be a great inconvenience or even threaten the survival of your company. 

When it comes to defending your valuable company, commercial roller shutters are a quality solution for business protection. From criminal deterrence to additional privacy, they offer a range of protective qualities that are sure to grant you peace of mind. 

Learn more about commercial shutters and how they are a good security investment for your precious business. 

About commercial roller shutters

Security Plus shutters are made with a precision extruded roller shutter profile and have been tested and approved by the CSIRO to comply with Australian Standards. They can be operated via remote control or even via phone app, allowing for effortless operation and maximum convenience and efficiency.

A roller shutter offers a range of benefits to a space, with additional protection against extreme weather and fire hazards, superior strength, light control, additional privacy and enhanced security. In commercial spaces, shutters can also act practically as dividers to create flexible rooms or smaller areas to enhance functionality. 

5 Ways Commercial Roller Shutters Protect Your Business Property

5 ways commercial shutters offer protection for your business 

Shutters can offer security and protection in a range of ways, including: 

1. Criminal deterrence

Shutters are an excellent solution for deterring thieves and criminals, acting as a sturdy obstacle that is difficult for burglars to overcome. This sturdy, tamper-proof barrier discourages break-in attempts with their presence alone, acting as a powerful visual deterrent encouraging criminals to look elsewhere for an easier target. 

2. Tamper-proof barrier

As a durable, impenetrable layer made of robust aluminium, these shutters act as a barrier should anyone attempt to gain access to your business property. This is a crucial security solution to prevent unwanted entry and protect. 

3. Vandalism prevention

Aside from burglary and theft, shutters can also protect against vandalism such as graffiti, damaged windows and walls, and other potentially costly damages. Shutters can act as a protective barrier for the outside of your property and ensure the exterior remains in good condition, continuing to impress and entice passers-by. 

4. Privacy 

A roller shutter allows you to add a level of concealment and privacy for your business to prevent prying eyes. This can be especially useful during confidential meetings or to hide inventory storage, as well as to conceal valuable items from potential criminals so they remain unaware of whether the property is worth entering. 

5. Weather protection

Extreme weather events such as heavy storms, hurricanes or fires can pose a significant threat to the business. Shutters act as a protective shield against debris, strong winds or flames that work to limit damage to the property. 

Other ways to secure your commercial property

Other than shutters, here are some additional methods to add security to your commercial property:

1. Risk assessment

Observe where your property may have vulnerabilities and recognise the likelihood of certain events occurring. It is beneficial to then implement an action plan as well as a business continuity plan

2. Security alarm system

As a large percentage of burglary attempts tend to happen outside of business hours, a system with 24/7 monitoring is recommended. Alarms will ensure the thief will leave shortly after entering and prevent break-ins with the sight of them. 

3. Security cameras

Surveillance will allow you to remotely check on the building at all times, offering peace of mind that the premises is safe or alerting you to a break-in when required. 

4. Illumination

As intruders will not want to be seen, bright lighting around the premises is recommended. This will also work to ensure you and your employees are safer when entering or exiting. 

5. Secure entrances

Quality locks and bolts on windows and doors will also assist in keeping the building safe from intruders. Including locking up in the closing procedure will ensure this step is not forgotten. 

6. Protect valuables

Ensure valuable items are out of sight or locked away to prevent theft. These should be well hidden, and it is recommended that a small sum of cash is kept on the premises overnight. 

7. Educate staff

Staff should be trained to ensure they are prepared should any threats arise. Suspicious behaviour should be recognised and the preferred response should be understood for the safety of employees and the business. 

8. Cyber security

With cyber attacks on the rise, it is important to consider strengthening the cyber security of your business. It is recommended that you implement a cyber security strategy, and remain aware of the risks. 

Quality commercial roller shutters with Security Plus

Security Plus Shutters, Doors & Blinds is committed to providing quality security and furnishing solutions to homes and businesses in Melbourne and Sydney, having offered peace of mind to Australians since 1992. Contact us today to learn more about our wide range of high security commercial roller doors.

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