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6 Ways to Winter-Proof Your Alfresco Area

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Your alfresco area is a well-utilised, well-loved space in the warmer months where barbecues are a weekly occurrence and daylight stretches through long into the evenings. In winter, however, this space tends to become forgotten as the dark comes sooner, along with the icy breeze and rain. 

It’s important to get the most out of the outdoor space that you have invested energy into and continue spending time outside with friends and family. From outdoor lighting to alfresco blinds in Melbourne and Sydney homes, here are some ways to revamp outdoor living and ensure the space is used all year round. 

The Importance Of A Winter-Friendly Outdoor Space

In winter, you tend to spend much less time outdoors in general. As Harvard Health Publishing explains, spending time in the fresh air is important to lift your vitamin D intake, get more exercise, allow time away from screens, elevate your mood, concentration, and even motivate faster healing. 

While it may seem counterintuitive to step outside into the cold, creating a cosy space to enjoy the simple pleasures of the season with a blanket and warm beverage outside with loved ones will have a positive effect on your mind and body. This will also ensure you continue getting value out of your lovely outdoor space no matter the season. 

Here Are 6 Ways To Winter-Proof Your Alfresco Area  

1. Alfresco Blinds 

Outdoor roller blinds are the ideal solution to shelter outdoor areas from the harsh winter weather. These blinds are able to block wind and rain while maintaining an even temperature in the area, and are able to continue providing a view of the outside while offering privacy. 

Patio blinds are a great way to ensure your outdoor spaces are able to be utilised in comfort at all times, even during winter. Along with this, they are able to enhance the aesthetic of your backyard and increase your home value

2. Outdoor Lighting

The days darken quicker in winter, with the sun rising later and setting earlier in the day. The lack of light can be enough to stop anyone from going outside. With some lighting, however, your outdoor living space can be transformed into a winter wonderland. 

Fairy lights are a great option to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere, and can be hung off a pergola, along walls or even along surrounding plants and trees. You can explore a wide range of lighting options to bring the backyard to life, just be sure to check that they are weatherproof. 

3. Heating

To create greater comfort and encourage more use of the area, it’s a good idea to consider some heating options. A freestanding outdoor heater or even a fire pit can truly add to the look and feel of the area, while allowing friends and family to feel warm. 

4. Cosy Accessories

For a more inviting outside space in winter, cushions or blankets can go a long way. Keep a selection of blankets in a basket in a sheltered nearby area for easy access, and be sure to select cushions that are able to last in the weather. 

5. Store Unused Appliances

If there is anything outdoors that is not likely to be used in the cooler months, you should ensure these items are cleaned and stored. Anything left out that isn’t in use will be unnecessarily susceptible to wear and weather damage. Pack these away to ensure they last and maintain their quality. 

6. Winter-Friendly Plants

Take inventory of the plants in your garden and see if you can make any winter-friendly changes. Any plants that you keep in the backyard that may be cold-sensitive should be brought inside. 

You may want to consider planting seasonal plants such as trees that change colour throughout autumn and drop leaves in winter. These will add a range of colours and provide shade in the summer while also allowing more sunlight to reach the home when leaves drop in winter. 

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