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Summer Home Safety Tips: Security Doors, Holiday Prep & More

The warmer weather is always welcomed with open arms, bringing with it the holiday season, beach trips with loved ones and BBQs. As things heat up, though, a range of different security risks emerge that you should keep in mind when preparing your home for summer

Learn more about the new security risks that come with the season, as well as some home safety tips to ensure your lovely property remains protected including installing security doors and ensuring your home is secure while away. 

Security Doors, Holiday Prep

Importance of home security over summer

In the warmer months, it has been found that the likelihood of burglaries increases, with NRMA seeing a 20% increase in home theft claims across the country in December. This is thought to occur as more people are away from their homes travelling or on holiday over the summer, and Christmas in particular is a time when you tend to carry more valuables around the home in the form of presents for or from loved ones. 

In the summer, there is also increased risk due to windows and doors being left open to allow the warm breeze into the home. This leaves vulnerable home entrances more exposed, and additional security measures should be taken to allow you to safely allow ventilation into the home and enjoy the warmer weather. 

8 summer home safety tips

1. Reinforce entrances with security doors 

One of the most effective ways to deter break-ins is to invest in sturdy security doors. A good security screen door will allow you to open your main front door to let in the lovely outdoor atmosphere and let fresh air circulate through the home while ensuring no pests or intruders enter. 

With a robust triple locking system and composed of strong aluminium and stainless steel mesh, your home is sure to remain protected. 

2. Install roller shutters

Windows are the most vulnerable entrances to the home, with many burglars simply entering through windows that have been accidentally left unlocked or breaking glass. For additional protection over windows, security roller shutters are an ideal choice. 

With additional insulating properties, shutters are also a great way to maintain a comfortable temperature in the home, keeping in the cool and keeping out the heat. 

3. Consider smart home security

Smart home security systems can offer additional protection with cameras, smart locks and other security operations that can be monitored remotely. They are also able to offer real-time alerts should anything occur. 

This ensures you are able to check in on the safety of your home at any point from your smartphone, no matter where you are, and operate security systems from afar. There’s no need to worry about whether you have forgotten to lock the door or close the shutters, and you can rest assured that your property is safe. 

4. Landscaping 

A lush garden can add to the aesthetic of your home, but overgrown bushes or trees can begin to cause security concerns as they can act as hiding spots for potential intruders and allow them to reach your property unnoticed. 

For this reason, taking time to ensure any greenery is neat before the warmer season is a great way to enhance visibility and eliminate hiding spots, making the home less attractive to potential thieves. 

5. Holiday preparations

If you are planning on going away, one of the best ways to ensure your home is safe is to make it look as though someone is still home. Smart home automation with light timers or shutters that open and close at certain times is one way to do this. 

Victoria Police also recommends organising for a neighbour or loved one to collect mail, as a pile up of envelopes or packages is an obvious indicator that the house is uninhabited. Ask if someone is able to occasionally park in your driveway, and maintain your garden. 

6. Secure outdoor belongings

Any valuable items that are kept outdoors including bicycles, grills or gardening tools can become victims of opportunistic theft if not kept out of sight and securely locked. It is a good idea to ensure these belongings are put away in a shed or garage when not in use to keep them safe. 

7. Reach out to neighbours

Forming a community amongst your neighbours that involves looking out for each other’s homes and informing each other of suspicious activity is a good way to deter criminal activity. 

8. Assess security systems

Before the warmer season, it is a good idea to check your home security systems and ensure everything is working well. Test any alarms, replace batteries if needed and update any passcodes to ensure all systems function properly when needed. 

Secure your home for summer with Security Plus

For high quality security and safety screen doors, as well as security roller shutters to protect your home over the holiday season and beyond, Security Plus Shutters, Doors & Blinds offers customisable security solutions. 

Contact us to ensure your home is secure this summer with shutters and security doors in Melbourne.

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